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A podcast for all things relating to Empaths, Clairaudients, HSP's and mystics.
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When your intuition calls, do you pick it up?

  We have been paving the way with this month's theme of intuition. In the last episode I shared a story about how my intuition worked in a situation. Admittedly, this story I shared is well, magical and amazing. In this episode I dissect it to show what were...

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3 ways your intuition communicates with you.

In this episode of Guided, I launch the new theme of Intuition. I talk about the 3 ways that your intuition "communicates" with you in your body. When you think about intuition you may find yourself saying, "I knew it in my gut that something wasn't right", or "I...

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What challenges are there for an Empath?

This is part 3 of the 4 part series on Empaths/HSP. I talk about challenges that most Empaths experience such as;

how the truth radar can be activated but we may not “trust”it and stay in relationships that are no good for us,
how we pull in other people’s emotions easily and this can lead to feeling drained, tired, and even sometimes angry.

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