Guided Rebooted

A podcast for all things relating to Empaths, Clairaudients, HSP's and mystics.
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This is my secret sauce and how it helps you!

  I have coached women for over 5 years now. I helped them to identify their true desires and how to express who they are in their lives and careers more fully & authentically. It's something I think we all as women can relate to at some point in our lives....

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These 2 tools really help in strengthening intuition and why.

Getting started with intuition it is ALWAYS good to begin with a these two tools to really strengthen your intuition. I dive deeper into each tool, one of which I mentioned in the last episode, and explain why they are such key players in connecting to your intuition.

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When your intuition calls, do you pick it up?

  We have been paving the way with this month's theme of intuition. In the last episode I shared a story about how my intuition worked in a situation. Admittedly, this story I shared is well, magical and amazing. In this episode I dissect it to show what were...

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