HELLO! And yes, you’ve reached the Heart Whispering Mystic page. Welcome.

Okay now for some obvious truth telling! I’m going through some changes & growth. And one place you can see that the most is here, the HOME page. It’s a bit uncomfortable but that’s the truth. Something you can depend on from me. The truth. 😉

While you wait for the big day where I have it all figured out…until then, I’d like to invite you to join the HWM’s (Heart Whispering Mystic’s) Chronicle. And to get us even more acquainted & to make it fun, I am giving anyone who signs up & engages on the Instagram account: @heartwhisperingmystic, a chance to WIN a FREE Heart Whispering. What is that? For a quick run-down, it is a beautiful blend of my certified coaching skills, intuitive card reading with some mystical guidance all wrapped up in a 30-minute online session. These sessions are powerful, motivating and a great taste of what a Heart Whispering Mystic can do for you in your life. You can read more here about the whisperings.

Back on the Chronicle for a moment. Like I said earlier, if you want to win, you have to enter & write on the IG to win. What the Chronicle will be delivering to you are these topics & key elements such as:

  • Mysticism: Intuitive Arts, Psychic Abilities, Channeling and Mediumship
  • Cosmic Information: the Planets, Stellar alignments & the Moon
  • Ancient Rituals: Paganism, Shamanism, Druids, and more
  • Tools: Tarot & Oracle Cards, Crystals, Runes.

Is it for you? Well of course, if you are into this sort of thing AND because I won’t just bore you to death with things that you might, probably, know some things about. Nope not here. I do this with my own experience, education, a twist of my own down to earth-ness, lots of comedy and loads of fun.

Above all I want to bring to you a sense of connection with me and to this world of mysticism. So viola this is where we can start. And it goes, maybe without saying, I would love to have you there on Insta AND as a subscriber!

There will be so much MORE to COME! I hope you stick around.

Yours Truly,

Susan – the Heart Whispering Mystic