Susan de Vriend-

Heart Whisperer, Mystic & Intuitive Spiritual Coach 

Be super Naturally You!

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1 on 1 Spiritual Coaching & Mentoring

Often moving towards developing both our authenticity & our spirituality means working with someone who knows best how to support you on both parts of your journey. Why? Because I’ve been there too!

I use the Heart Whispering Method (scroll down) as our framework to start our journey into creating the real change you want in your life.

The Intuitive coaching you receive when working with me is designed around you, your needs, and specifically where you want to grow or change in your own journey to being more authentic, and of course, more super naturally you.

It is for this reason I invite you to schedule a chemistry call with me. In this call we decide; if we are a match for partnering and how we move forward together (Schedules, payments, etc…). If you are ready to find out, please schedule your call with me today.


I’m Susan

I am a certified coach, an intuit, an empath and a clairaudient & clairsentient. All of these natural and acquired skills I blend together in support of your goal to reach full authenticity. Giving you a bigger edge in your life, love, & work. 


What I Offer

The Heart Whispering Method

The basis of all my services are structured around my 3 phase methodology: The Heart Whispering Method.

Developed over 5 years of coaching women who are spiritual, highly-sensitive, and empathic, I fused my natural talents and acquired skills into this method to support any woman looking for a true transformation into being their authentic selves. Read more below.


Heart Whispering

This entree offer is a 40-minute session. I combine 3 elements in this session to assist you in finding what your heart truly wants you to hear. This blend is intuitive card reading, Certified coaching & mystical guidance. The outcomes that clients receive in this session are CLARITY, VALIDATION, & MOMENTUM.  

Whispering Alignment

This is a deeper dive into anything that came up from your Heart Whispering.

When you purchase this service you will get:

  • a 2-hour intuitive card reading + professional life coaching from a Certified coach. This is conducted online via Zoom.
  • Vision Map that will be sent to you in the follow-up email. This is to be used as a design towards your future based on what I came out of the appointment.
  • A full summary of the reading in a follow-up email & recording if the clients choses to have one. This includes any resources that came up in the session.




How I Do What I Do

The Heart Whispering Method

A 3 phase method

How It Works

The Heart Whispering Method

A Three-Phase Methodology

I created this method from working & coaching women for over 5 years. Each woman I coached had a few things in common; they were highly-sensitive, empathic, and spiritually open & gifted. Most often they were unaware of these talents because for so long they pushed them away.

We all have a start point we enter when change is calling to us. We feel uncertain things about our lives. Something is not fully actualized or expressed that we long to have in our lives, or feel there is just something missing to our lives but we can’t quite put our finger on it. This is often what it is like to be the first phase which I’ve named: AFFIRM. There are many experiences, symptoms or obstacles that are going on when woman enters this phase in her life. She may be young or old and experience these feelings and challenges.

Once you begin this method, you start to work on all areas of your life. Though typically woman who comes to coaching with me is usually focused on one particular area in her life. The truth of the matter is life is not so segmented or compartmentalized as we would like. In fact, when one are is affected then all parts are affected. When a client enters into the Heart Whispering method, the work is deep and personal but everlasting.  With focus and commitment after, she will move onto the next Phase which is named, CLAIM. When a client enters this phase, she is ready to see more of herself expressed into her life. This is the first step in change.

The Final phase is when the client OWNs it fully. There is no more second guessing who she is and she is feeling fulfilled, less lost/stuck in her life. There is a confidence that radiates from her because she is grounded within herself. This phase is the where the transformation is completing. Things start to feel natural and flow with ease & joy.



We have all had times in our lives where things just aren’t “working” or feeling right. This phase can happen multiple times in any adult’s life. Figuring out a way forward can be hard on your own and that is why coaching is a wonderful way to move out of stuckness and into your Greatness! 

PHASE 1 is the starting point. A few things women are experiencing in this phase are:

  • inadequate
  • second-guessing
  • intuitive hits ignored
  • feeling like you don’t belong/or “different” than your friends



This Phase is entered when you have done some inner work and strengthen the relationship more with yourself, Inner Guidance and intuition. This may have been already there before starting to work with me, or because we’ve been working together since PHASE 1. 

Usually what a woman is expericencing in this phase are;

  • in more control of making decisions
  • feeling more unapologetic for who she really is.
  • beginning to see the importance of her own spiritual gifts & intuition in her life.





This is the PHASE where true transformation is happening. The work that you did to explore your inner world and gifts are stronger than ever and you feel “More at Home”in yourself. This is not quite an end point but more of a beginning to live a fully expressed, self-empowered life. You know what it takes to anchor in your truth. Setting intentions on a higher level of understanding of who you are that is purpose filled & driven with a mission that is uniquely your own. This work is never complete and you know that. You nuture yourself with Love, Compassion & Grace every day of your life. And in doing so,  you help others feel that joy that can only come from a woman who is really standing in her Power & Truth.

Women who achieve this phase experience & feel: 

  • Transformed to her Authenticity
  • Grounded in her wisdom
  • Firm on her decisions
  • Regularly consults her inner guidance and continues her spiritual practice to enforce her learning.
  • 100% unapologetic about who she is, what she stands for, and how she is in the world. 


""Susan gave me some ‘homework’ to ensure that I acted upon what had been presented to me in this reading. We also identified what I could do differently in the future, and for that, I am truly grateful!"."

Nicola Cloherty

Holistic Living Guide & Marketing Consultant

"This was the kick start for me to do it. I'm glad to inform now I’m one week pregnant of my new book. I highly recommend her reading. "

Barbara Saldanha Paz

Writer and translator English-Portuguese


"... the session confirmed that I am on the right path. It also served as a call to action, gently nudging me to step more fully into sharing my own hearts' wisdom with the world. Thank you Susan! "

Camila Armstrong

Heart Aligned, Clutter Clearing Coach / Arts Therapist


Guided Rebooted

What is so dang important about protecting your energy?

This week I give you a final step in cutting the cords which is to create some protection around yourself. More specifically, protecting your energy. If you tuned into the last episode you will have, hopefully, went and grabbed the free downloaded visualization on how to cut your cords. If you didn’t, pop over there now!

Here are some things I cover:
– Empaths are naturally open with their energy. This is the WHY we need to protect it more.
– The Pink Bubble and my thoughts as to why this isn’t always the one that works for HSP’s and Empaths
– How flowers is the way to go in protecting our energy!

How these 2 key elements of intuition got my phone to ring!

Remember way back when we didn’t have whatsapp, Facebook or smart phones? 🤔 Yeah I know, it’s hard to believe there was ever such a time. Recently on a walk with a friend, I told her how grateful I am that we are not living in Europe in the 90’s while in quarantine as we find ourselves now. Because all those technologies do help us stay connected to each other and for those of us FAR from home, well, to our families. And even though that is true…I realized when we don’t have those things, we have a natural apparatus build into us that work equally as well if you do these 2✌️ key things! Check out the video and come back to the comments to let me know if you had a time like this in YOUR life that tested you with your intuition.

How to clear your body of etheric cords

This episode is all about etheric cords and how to cut them. Why would we need to do that? As Empaths and highly sensitive women we pick up energy naturally and often. I explain in this episode:

What are Etheric cords?
How we get them?
Why it’s important for us to cut them sometimes?
And what way to do this?

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