NOW is as good a time as any to start following your heart.


 Take a moment and…








In your mind, jump into the future 5, 10, even 20 years from now.  What do you see? What does life look like?  Does it get better, stay the same or does it get worse? Now…






The #1 regret of those who were dying was:




“I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”




from the book The Regrets of the Dying by Bronnie Ware








When you look at your life 5, 10 or 20 years ahead, did you see a future filled with things that your HEART wants you to make come true? Now, take into account that life is precious and a gift meant for living NOW. Take a minute and consider,




What might life be like if you DON’T step into your heart and learn how to follow it more?




If what you are experiencing in your life right now isn’t what you want out of life then maybe it’s time to find out what it could be like with the right support. 




Let me help you find your way.




I’m here to support you in discovering for yourself all possibilities life has for you. I use a simple, gentle, yet effective process of:


  • listening with attentive ears,
  • reflecting back to you what you say & perhaps feel inside.
  • asking you the powerful questions to move you towards your heart.
  • Creating a heart led vision based on what we discover.
  • Using your vision as a strategy to implement on your journey towards your goal & dream for your life.




I’m going to help remind you what your heart TRULY wants for you this year whether that is:




  • a new career or starting your own business,
  • a new place to call home,
  • wanting more adventure in your life,
  • creating the success you want in your life
  • finding love
  • having a strong spiritual life.
  • having confidence to know how to direct your life. No matter what comes your way.
  • having freedom in your life




I call myself, the Heart Whisperer because in my sessions I say exactly what you have been missing but what your heart wants you to hear the most. This is my greatest gift that I love to share with you & any woman who might’ve lost touch with her heart’s longings. And whatever your passion is in life I know we can find it together and start making it come alive in your life now. 




What makes this different then working on it on my own?




First if you are here reading this, you have had the trouble getting started on taking actionable steps towards that goal. Working with me means I will keep you to your promises and what you truly want. I will help you stay on track towards that mission, dream, goal, idea that you’ve had for yourself for a long time now. We can always escape ourselves and buy into what we think is acceptable for the moment. And we can run for years on the idea that maybe someday  you will have time, the money, the energy. What if you don’t try? Well maybe not trying will bring you into that regret that all of the dying had (see above). I know, maybe your dreams feel scary. I’ve been there too! You can always escape yourself but working with a coach means you put an end to ignoring what your heart truly wants and getting started making it happen! And you have someone who is with you through it every step of the way. Isn’t it time to start listening?




The first step always feels like the biggest. But this step comes with no risk!




If you have a burning desire for change, and you are still reading then this is YOUR TIME TO FOLLOW YOUR HEART. 




Let’s have a cup of coffee or tea, meet online & discuss what’s on your mind, or rather in your heart. If it feels right for you then we move forward to bring that voice out from your heart and into the world.




It is only ONE click away.




Heartfelt testimonials from clients.

I met Susan at a workshop, I liked her energy straight away so when we later talked about what she does for a job it got my interest. I was at a point in my life where I was really unsure in what to do with my career. With Susan as my life coach it really made me think about what I want and why that career path suits me and my values better. I really like the way she is able to make you feel things by simply asking the right questions. Her coaching is focused on speaking what first comes to her mind, what she feels about what you told her and that is a very special superpower. Working with Susan helped me understand myself better and she gave me tips that I can use throughout my life. Since working with Susan I have completely changed my career path and I feel totally comfortable with that decision! I truly believe everyone should work with a life coach at least once in their life and I would highly recommend Susan as she is just a wonderful person, kind, flexible and will never make you feel uncomfortable.

Sara Podrzaj

Make-up Artist

I recently moved to the Netherlands and was in search of a new career path. Needless to say, I was full of self-doubt and fear. I needed someone I could talk to objectively, who could support me, listen to my struggles and help me work through them. Susan did just that. She was incredibly attentive and I immediately felt comfortable confiding in her. She helped me brainstorm ideas and create actionable goals. It was empowering to simply share stories of successes and failures along the way so we could celebrate and commiserate together. And she is SO much fun and full of positive energy – it’s infectious. I walked away from each conversation full of motivation and drive. I learned that, in order to be a better leader, I needed to show up and be more visible to myself. This included defining my values and aligning my goals to them, being aware of my self-talk and celebrating the small wins along the way. In only a few sessions, I built confidence and discovered new opportunities and strategies to improve my visibility and build my network. I highly recommend Susan as a coach to help you realize your goals – and have fun along the way!

Cathy Sorbara


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