Follow your heart

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Program details

This is a 3-month program consisting of 12 sessions (3 sessions a month). The framework of the program follows these principles*: Listen, Trust, and Follow your heart.  Here are how they break down:


  • Tap into your Heart’s wisdom.  We uncover the messages your heart has been sending but you may not have been hearing. This is deep and valuable work that will be ongoing throughout our coaching.
  • Receiving and listening to your heart, Inner guidance and intuition.  This information will be vital in learning to trust your heart and following it to your own created design.
  • Circle of Influence – Evaluate your environment, outside influences that shape your current reality.  This could be people or factors in your environment that may support you or perhaps those people and circumstances that do not.


  •          Listening to your heart is not enough if you don’t TRUST the messages you receive. We will transform the messages of your heart into action steps.
  • The focus will also be on accepting yourself by letting go of judgement and fear of who you were “taught” to be.  You will be able to embrace yourself in a new light, and be ready to incorporate that part of you more in your life.  In other words we dive deeply into self-love practices that support you in this new growth period.


  • Boldly express who you really are! This step will be more about taking action by making intuitive decisions and following the course that we created together.  Learning from taking these bold steps into your own self expression will help you learn what works best for you.
    • Living and following your heart will bring opportunities in your life that seem almost magical. You will feel your life has new purpose, meaning, ease and flow.  It will feel completely natural.
    • Thing that you will see in this month: Self-confidence by being crystal clear about who you are and taking a stand for that. You will be so deeply connected to your inner world through your heart that you will no longer second-guess yourself.  Sustainable changes: You will also know how to do this for yourself and be self-reliant.

*This program structure is framed to meet the needs of the individual client.  These principles are guideposts to chart our work together which means that things may go faster or slower over the course of the program.  As such, if a client seeks to take things at a slower pace this is also available.

What you can expect from me?

  • HONESTY.  I will tell you what your friend won’t.  This can be confronting but I do it in a loving way to help you move through the obstacles that block you from hearing to your heart.
  • TRUST.  You can trust that anything we talk about will never be shared in any way outside of our meetings.  I am a member of the International Coaching Federation and a Certified CoActive Professional Coach which means that I adhere to the ICF ethical code of conduct for certified coaches.  You can read what that means at this link under the heading: Section 3 – Professional Conduct with clients:
  • CONNECTION.  We form a bond over the time we work together.  I am part of your dreams to success.  I hold that in my heart and take it very seriously.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY.  It is coaching after all!  We will be working together but you will be doing the work. 😉  I will help you move towards your heart by holding you accountable to actions we create together in sessions.  This structure is in place to help you make those changes you wish to make in your life. Using what you learn from your heart and implementing them directly in your life.

Your Investment

Full payment: €2500(includes BTW/VAT)

Payment plan: 3 payments of €900 (includes BTW/VAT)

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