There is a calling, a collective one, that is looking for its’ place in this world. RIGHT. NOW. Do you feel it? I’m certainly seeing it bubbling up inside me in these last few weeks.  It makes me curious; ARE YOU BEING CALLED, too? Let me explain what I mean by this “coach-y” “new-age-y” phrase: being Called or having a Calling. The simple definition is living your life with a purpose, having a specific mission in life but also it is called your Soul’s Purpose. But how do you know if that is what is happening?  How do you know if you are being called towards it? Being called towards an issue or having a calling is a feeling first.  Typically it will feel like a sensation that is exhilarating beginning in the stomach area OR you may feel it in your chest with a pounding heart. These are two possible places where the feeling can reside in your body.  It varies for every person. The sensation is pulsating and electric.  With every day that passes, it seems to grow stronger and stronger.  The quality of this feeling is to go, go, GO!!  In other words, doing something actionable.  But what if you aren’t exactly sure WHAT it is.  When you experience this feeling it is important to notice at that very moment what you are watching, hearing or reading.  This is a clue to the very thing that is part of your calling.  Then ask a few questions:

  • What am I feeling right now?  The answer might be; anger, sad, disgusted, etc…
  • Where am I feeling this in my body?  The answer:  in my chest or stomach.
  • What needs to change to make this right?  The answer might be: Stop the _____ from continuing on in this world.

I’m breaking down a very natural process that in most cases happen in a split second.  Usually without the questions. But maybe you forgot or weren’t aware that this is a signal from your soul.  It is coming through your body to make you wake up to something you were always meant to do. That you were born to do!  This, my friend, is a calling!  Or more aptly put your soul purpose.  Like a beacon, it is calling to you to create Change of some kind in your life or, in the world. Did you notice that I didn’t add an important question in the list above? Oh, you didn’t.  Well it’s this one:


This question is the HEART of any calling.  It is about activating into motion. Some of us, don’t dare move forward because usually, the issue at hand is TOO BIG or scary for us to begin. If you believe that it is bigger than you then you are right. WHAT?!  Yes, I said it. If you feel it’s too big for you to do anything about or too scary to get started then stay home and look the other way.  I’m sure someone else will take care of it.  If what I am saying right now makes you mad and you want to fight me then that is your SOUL saying that it is not true. Your soul is saying: “I do want to fight, stand up, RAISE MY VOICE and create a movement towards change.” And to that, I say, “HELL YEAH!!!” I’m talking to you about this today because it is a journey I’ve been on for the last few years. And recently, I’ve become more aware of my soul purpose and calling. I have been hearing that soft gentle voice that usually I only hear at times of meditation or solitude, begin to grow loud.  She is growing so loud she is nearly shouting in my ear!  Things like, “You must do this!”,  “Speak up!”, and “Your {our} Time is NOW!”” are repeating constantly in my head.  I know that this is my soul’s voice, my inner guide, who will no longer be quieted. She will no longer be ignored.  I also know that this is only the beginning.  It is the beginning of taking action and being unafraid to raise awareness on this or that cause. Expressing my mission and purpose to the world and seeing it through to hopefully, fruition. It is coming out from behind the shadows and pointing to that one thing and saying,

“THIS, right here. I will no longer allow on my watch.  Starting TODAY I’m going to do everything in my power to change it.”

And do you know when most of us hear our callings the loudest?  When something significant in the world has shifted or changed in a way that can not be ignored. These last few weeks have had their impact on me as with many people around the world.  We have woken up from our slumber, our complacency, and now, as you may have noticed for yourself on the internet, we are ready to take action!  It starts with one voice.  That one voice starts talking bravely and boldly.  Then, like most callings, are matched by others who will also be called into action by a major world event. Then the calling becomes a movement.  So knowing this, it makes me wonder, who else is being called? Is it you?  And if so, how can we help each other?        

Does this sound familiar to you? Wanna talk about it more?