The summer break is now over here in Europe. More kids are back at their desks, meeting their teachers and getting homework. Whether you are a Mom or not, the Fall season is upon us and that means summer is now coming to a close.

What if you didn’t get a good chance to relax and recharge this summer?

In this video I give you 3 simple ways to connect with yourself and take time. You can plug these in at any point during your day. 

These steps I share are:

  1. Ask – What do I feel in my body right now?
  2. Ask – What do I need right now?
  3. Sit in silence. Or in other words, be with yourself. 

Number 2 takes a little consideration based on the answer and where you may be at the time you do this. If your need is to read a book, for example, but you are sitting at the office make sure to come back to this later in the day when you can. It is so important to find ways to meet your needs even if they seem trivial at the time you ask the question. If you don’t mean your needs, and they go left unchecked for too long then eventually you will expect them to met in other ways or by someone else! This could manifest in a number of ways in your life. Chief among them, feeling exhausted. Take time for yourself. And please make it a priority. Both your body and your heart will thank you for it in many ways.

Are you just starting out on your self-love & self-growth journey? Do these tips help you see that more space can be created in your life? Or do you need to talk more on this?

Are you ready to move forward & make a real life transformation?

You have been looking for someone to get you moving, not just motivate you but help you to take ACTION. If this video made you think more on what you want to change…then, it’s time for a call!

You wouldn’t believe what a 20-minute conversation that is fully focused on you can reveal. This call is to sort out whether or not:


  1. You are ready to work with a coach dedicated to your transformation.
  2. I’m the coach who can help reach your dream.
  3. We can create a plan that will guide us towards your success.  
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