Guided Rebooted


I recently rebooted this podcast with a refreshed vision that is aligned with my work as a Heart Whisperer, Intuitive Coach & a mystic. It is more focused on these main topics: Empaths/Empathy, Clairaudience (aka Spiritual & Psychic gifts), Intuition, Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP), Mysticism & Coaching.

Each episode will be 5-10 minutes sprints speaking on these topics. This podcast is meant to support you in becoming more Super naturally You.

What is so dang important about protecting your energy?

This week I give you a final step in cutting the cords which is to create some protection around yourself. More specifically, protecting your energy. If you tuned into the last episode you will have, hopefully, went and grabbed the free downloaded visualization on how to cut your cords. If you didn’t, pop over there now!

Here are some things I cover:
– Empaths are naturally open with their energy. This is the WHY we need to protect it more.
– The Pink Bubble and my thoughts as to why this isn’t always the one that works for HSP’s and Empaths
– How flowers is the way to go in protecting our energy!

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How to clear your body of etheric cords

This episode is all about etheric cords and how to cut them. Why would we need to do that? As Empaths and highly sensitive women we pick up energy naturally and often. I explain in this episode:

What are Etheric cords?
How we get them?
Why it’s important for us to cut them sometimes?
And what way to do this?

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Are you sucking up other people’s energy?

If you are an Empath or a highly sensitive then sometimes we do this, suck up other's energy (usually negative emotions because of the charge) naturally & sometime without awareness. 😳 With all that is going on in the world, the Coronavirus & lockdown there is...

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How my autoimmune disease prepared me for a pandemic.

  In this episode I talk about my personal journey & struggles with coming to terms with my disease.  I realize how this has prepared me for some of the struggles we all now face in a pandemic. A few things I can see that is a link: emotional rollercoaster...

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What would life be like if you got to be you?

This ends the 4-part series on AFFIRM. The first phase of the 3-phase method I use in my coaching. In this episode I explore the possibilities with you by talking about this one question…Who do you get to be… When you really focus into this question and journal on it you create a pathway to being truly you and how you want to be her. This is visioning your future.

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