What does worthiness mean to you?
How do you value yourself?
Is it a matter of what you earn?
How you spend your time?
With who you spend your time?

This is the inner work that all of us women must be vigilant in doing. After years of learning to play small, be a nice girl, don’t take more than anyone else, we must be constant gardeners of what our thoughts are on this topic of: self-worth.  And it can only be defined by you, inside.

I consider myself someone who has dug deep in the well to find herself. I am emerging into, before your very eyes, my truest expression of myself to date! There is still some work, growth, and evolving to explore here. And that I find exciting, thrilling and even, adventurous. Does that surprise you? Well, I could say to myself, when will I be done? But I am a BEING not a done-ing. HA ha ha!

Once we are done, do we hear a bell? No we move onto the other side. Is that too morbid? If you don’t think you have anything else to learn or discover then what else is there to do? Wait…and (you know what). Hey this is life in the physical realm we do have a time limit. That doesn’t mean who we are, is limited though. Keep that in mind.

If worthiness is in question, how do we know where are value lies? Well, we only know based on our thoughts and feelings towards ourselves. Hence it’s an “inside job”.  The best way to explore it is to find out how we speak to ourselves. And that, I know a little bit about and spoken on this topic in the past, under my former title of Self-love life coach. Negative self talk is a funny trickster. It can seem like the truth but it can also be a diminisher of your true self-worth. There is much to discover in this space. I find that women often don’t get a full chance to show their worth unless we TAKE IT. That step sometimes is the hardest one of all. It takes courage to be visible, say what is unfair or unjust, and TAKE POWER.

“Take” and “Power” are triggering to me. Why? Maybe because it feels so masculine feeling. I disassociate immediately because that is not the gender I identify as. At the same time, I want to be respected and powerful in my own way that doesn’t hinder another. How then do we get there as women? I’ve seen us all try in a number of ways. To exert ourselves forward in modeled efforts that fit more like a man. We need to find an established route. Then it begs this question: With so many of us uncertain of our worthiness, how can we find the will to take back our sense of self-worth and become powerful leaders as women?

I can see many ideas bubble to the surface as I reflect on this mantra: My Worthiness is not found anywhere else but WITHIN ME.

I wonder,

What arises in you when you think of how you value yourself?
Where are you on the scale of worthiness (self)? And when you explore this further do you find new answers of what you think you are worth?
And if you believe you are the best, are you ready to claim it?

This topic is a big juicy one.

Share with me in the comments.