If you ever felt not seen, not supported and a little crazy for having extraordinary abilities for example, clairaudience, then this video will be 100% for you!
In this video I talk about my struggles with having gifts that weren’t acceptable in modern day living, how I suppressed them for a long time, and what impact that has had on my life. As a highly sensitive, empathic, clairaudient, clairsentient & claircognizant woman I found my way through it by suppressing to fit in. It has been a long journey back to loving who I am and allowing this part of me to flow through me and be visible to all. It is being validated by others that supported me in seeing who I truly am.
Why is it so important to be validated?
For those of us in the sensitive woman realm it means not feeling weird or “other.”  And ultimately gives us a feeling seen, understood and supported.
How do I help others embrace their own gifts?
Since I know how hard this can be because we have all had different struggles with it in our lives. I created a service called Heart Whisperings. These online sessions are remarkable because what I have seen is how they make a sensitive spiritually-gifted woman feel about herself in her own unique power. There is a support where before there was none. When someone sees you, it is powerful because it is empowering but also giving you a sense of self-worth & value.



Heart Whisperings



Have you been wondering how to read cards? Or maybe you have been reading cards for awhile now but want a different approach?

Good News! I am holding a FREE webinar on November 25, 2019 @ 8PM (CET). You will learn:

  • how to select your own card deck

  • how to care for your cards

  • how to infuse your energy with the cards and why that is important

  • what cards work better for intuitive readings and,

  • how to read cards for yourself & others

This is for you if you are a spiritually-minded, spiritually-gifted and minded woman who wants to tap into her intuition by using this powerful tool!