When we feel gratitude, even just a bit, our hearts begin to open and real magic can occur.

Look around you now and fill in the following statement,

I am grateful for _________.

If you can find 5 or more things, and keep going, you will notice that your perception of your life in this very moment shifts. Now suddenly possibility is available where there wasn’t before. You feel more vibrant and alive in your body as if more is on it’s way. And guess what…it is!

What is actually going on here? Well, you shifted from your head to your heart. From logical thinking to feeling in your body. It seems like a funny little game but when practiced often enough you will see a level of grace and calm fall over your life that hadn’t been there before. What you have done is activated your heart’s energetic field and this allows you to feel more abundant, joy, and peace. But most especially you will feel optimistic and that everything is possible. You are shifting the conversation between head and heart. You are reversing from reacting to what is to acting towards what might be. It feels magical and inspiring. That has a vibration that reverberates out to the Universe that sends this message, “match this vibe (or better).” And because that is the language the Universe speaks, in vibrations, you get more and more. In ways you couldn’t have imagined possible. In ways that you could not have envisioned. And this will feel effortless. As it should feel. Because we are magical beings with the Universe supporting us every step of the way.

My CHALLENGE for YOU today:

Find time to look at what you are grateful for, say it outloud or write it down. And I promise you, you will start to see more things for you to put on that list. 😉