My offer is simple.

6 WEEKS of COACHING for €300.00

I’m offering this wonderful opportunity to new clients because I am working toward becoming a Certified Professional CoActive Coach through my coaching institution.

As your coach, I will provide this support in these ways:

  •    Asking provocative questions
  •    Providing challenges and brainstorming
  •    Providing the structure and focus needed for the client to stay in action
  •    Hold you accountable to actions in between our calls

Benefits for you:

  • A partner to support you in determining and creating your best life.
  • Support for the actions that you will take to determine and achieve your goals. Often these actions are relatively small but make a tremendous impact.
  • I would be available to you between sessions via email, Whatsapp or Messenger.
  • Access to state-of-the-art coaching techniques, tools, and resources.
  • A greatly reduced coaching fee.

Benefits for me:

  • The opportunity to use newly acquired skills as I am in Certification & to gain experience. I will need to tape record our calls for supervision purposes.
  • Your feedback. As part of the alliance, I would ask you to let me know what is and is not working for you.
  • More clients. If you are benefiting from our work, I would ask that you let others know of my service either by referral, testimonial or both.
  • The knowledge that I am supporting someone in the achievement of their best life.

It all starts with ONE FREE Call.  Let’s get started…

*BTW/VAT not included.