Every now and again it is an amazing gift to give yourself to get away and retreat.  And there are some really great people, ladies, out there who make it happen by hosting them!

Who doesn’t need a retreat every once in a while?

I mean, TREAT is built right into the word.  I would argue we all need it from time to time.  To take a step out of our daily lives, meet new people, see other environments, and connect with YOU!  It is arguably the best self-love thing you could ever do!

Being a Stay-home Expat Business Mama this is a VERY VERY key to creating harmony in my life.  It gives me time to take stock in my life, review where I am and where I want to go, and just BREATHE.  This is why we should all take time to retreat.

So when my good friend and fellow lady entrepreneur, Nathasja Gootjes told me she was having a weekend for us ladies…well I signed up immediately. AND I thought I have GOT to tell everyone I know about it!  Because Ladies this event should not be missed! JOIN US for…The Sisterhood of Love 2018

Come take a look at this interview with Nathasja and hear more about what she has planned.


For more information on how to Retreat with us at the Sisterhood for Love, click this link, Sisterhood of Love.