I remember when I was younger I always found the question, where do you want to be in the next 5 years?, frustrating and oh, a little irritating. It was usually only asked in job interviews. Which made it even worse because you had to temper it against the actual job you were going for and figure out how you might sound, say, if you really wanted that person’s, the one who is interviewing you, position. You don’t want to come off as TOO ambitious or full of yourself, right?😉

That’s not an easy situation or question neither is this what’s your mission question. It takes careful consideration & reflection. And often, it requires help and a sounding board to find it. Especially if for awhile now you have been doing things, such as staying with that job in that company that you don’t love, that aren’t necessarily in alignment with your values or your mission.

But if you don’t know what your mission is how then do you find it?

You start by listening to your heart.💓

What makes you fill up with joy? When you are doing that thing, does the time disappear?

These questions are a start and how you answer them are clues. Once you know your mission, life gets easier, decisions become clearer and things get more FUN!


What is mission if you don't know what your heart desires?

Ready to dive deeply into what your mission is?

Many of us have lost our way not sure what our missions or life purposes truly are. Taking time to review what matters most means listening to your heart and taking action. In a Whispering Alignment I offer you the chance to really focus in on your life purpose AND begin taking real action towards it.