In recent posts, I’ve been talking about words, the energy of them and how they trigger things for us. Naturally, these two words self-love come up often in conversations for me.  It can be misleading if you only take them at face value.  They can suggest selfishness, ego-driven or even narcissistic. I’ve talked about it a little more in an earlier article here.  I have also noticed that this can also be the case with the word, Leadership. Perhaps a common image comes up in your mind of someone who leads a team of employees in some corporate effort.  Maybe the image of someone political is how you see leadership.

I believe there is another angle to explore on both words.  That is to say how self-love or loving yourself fully, is the pathway to true leadership. Which is to say, leading your life from your inner guidance.

Do you apply leadership to yourself in running your own life?

When you look up any person in history who has or had made a great impact on the world, they always say that it was an inner knowing, an intuition that kept them on the course to achieve the life they have or had. They followed little hints and whispers along the way.

When you love who you are, you begin to know more about what YOU want but you also open up more things. Self-love opens the door towards leadership through these amazing gifts of intuition and inner guidance. They are naturally built in each of us but we ignore it. Or we may feel it from time to time but don’t ACT on it.  Which is essential in leading a life towards your desires and dreams.

Where do we stop leading and start following?

Is your thinking entangled with messages of “not good enough”, “not worthy”, “no one cares what I have to say” anything along this type of theme? Do you have trouble trusting your choices, ideas, preferences and making decisions?  These thoughts become a block to hearing your heart and inner guidance.  If you are consistently talking low about yourself to yourself then anything you wish to have in your life will fall short or not match what your heart truly desires.  Once you see what is underneath and how you think about yourself and where you are not really loving you then you can heal it.  It does take a constant practice to keep these self-loathing words or degrading thoughts at bay.  Negative Self-talk, in my opinion, cannot be negated from our lives (nor should it be the goal), but it can be quieted through a daily self-love ritual (or two).

We learned or thought we should look outside ourselves for love and acceptance.  Seeking in this way will eventually come to a dead-end and not be as fulfilling as we think it should be.  We all search for Mr./Mrs. Right.  We think that he/she will “complete” us.  Then it doesn’t because we didn’t love ourselves first.  The old adage is that you must love you first before you can love anyone else. But it’s so true for life entirely not just for finding a romantic partner.  Some try to find these things in forms of achievements: a high-paying job, the dream house, or the right car.

So what happened?  We weren’t taught to love ourselves.  To love the way we look at the world through our own eyes.  To listen to our inner guidance. To honor and really cherish our preferences and differences to others instead of comparing to see how we measure up.  We were asked to be something else.  It happened so long ago that we probably don’t remember when it happened.  It became a program.  A program to fit in society. And now, you’ve been on automatic pilot ever since. How can life be led by a follower?

Once you find love, acceptance, and validation for yourself within yourself,  you begin to feel better, confident, stronger in the knowledge that you can be anything, and then you are able to take on challenges, make strong decisions, create flow and feel vital and in charge of your life! Because You trust YOU.  These are the qualities of a leader.  Forging on from the steam of oneself.  To become the pioneer of your own destiny without a map but a guidance that is internal, not external. When you love yourself as you are then you do what you long to do being led from within, with intuition and inner guidance so strong that nothing can stop you. Your passion becomes your driving force.  You no longer compare yourself to others because there is no need.  You will be fulfilled in the knowledge that everything and anyone that enters your life, is a blessing and can only add to your happiness and help you to continue you down your path of leading the best life you could have ever dreamed.