You know those times where you have heard someone say, “Oh things will never change.” or “That is just the way has always been and the way it will always be.”  Those are the people who missed the call. They might complain and get frustrated but they don’t move on the call. The one that the heart has been telling them to act on. And now, they feel that there is nothing to be done. They drown out the sound of what they know in their hearts can change. Why? Because it feels really scary. A call from the heart is almost always asking of you to step out of your wonderful comfort zone. We can’t be all things to all problems but if you are in a situation and you get a nudge from your intuition, gut feeling, then that is your heart saying, “Hey Susan, you can do something about this. Go.  Do it.” I had an experience just like that a few years back.  And I was scared, most definitely!  But here’s the thing, when you step into your heart, you are claiming your LOVE Warrior-ness and stepping away from the scaredy cat who is afraid to make something different than what it was. Now, listen I feel I must put a disclaimer here. There is NO shame in saying no when it is too much for you.Today is about warriors so…hang for a minute with me, k?

I recently saw a great example of a love warrior in a online community of women I’m in.  She shared with us how she jumped into a situation that is scary and offered her love and support. She was asking for our prayers and love to support her through it. Without going into full details, because it is not my story, she was answering a call that came to her before her friend reached out.  She had an intuitive hit and then the next day, her friend called.  What she found out was a shock to say the least.  But instead of being immobilized and thinking of herself, she booked a flight to be there  with her friend and her family. It was a call to LOVE.  Actionable LOVE.  Some of us probably might have said the nice safe things to comfort our friend and checked back to make sure she was getting the help she needed.  But this Love Warrior, dove right in. My jaw dropped, and my heart thumped when I read her story.  I knew this was an act of pure courageous, no second-guessing, no-doubt-about-it, LOVE. And honestly, I’m kinda proud to be her friend. Like WARRIOR proud. <3

It doesn’t always happen this way for all of us. It sometimes comes in the small moments.  Take for example, the other day when a lady approached the cash register while I was in the middle of being serviced and asked for a shopping bag.  The bag cost 10 cents of which she didn’t have. I took the time to look and low and behold that was the only coin I had. 10 cents.  In my mind, it was meant for her.  She responded, “I can’t pay you back,” holding up a bigger bill, “but I will get the next person.”  I smiled wide and eyes shining, “That is a very good way to pay me back. Thank you.”  Also, standing behind me were many witnesses to this event (probably a bit impatient ones). I couldn’t help but think of the possible ripple effect this might’ve had. I know not many wouldn’t have taken the time because of the busy holiday season, rushed schedules, and the many tasks yet to be done to finish our day. But I saw this was a moment that I could do something about. People always need us love warriors to show kindness, compassion and give LOVE when it is called for no matter the size of the event or circumstance. The heart will only call to the one who has the courage to do what it takes to deliver. And to me, that is what being a Love Warrior is all about!