Where do we get permission on things as we become adults?

In this vlog, the topic is about how my body is giving me signals to slow down and rest which challenges my perceptions of how I see myself if I allow it.  If I allowed the rest then I would see myself as weak and broken. Being at war with my body and my mind is downright exhausting! Holla, if you hear me on that one. 😉 Especially, when there are no easy answers on how to help things or heal them permanently.

I give a recent example of when I took a moment and really listened to what my body needed.  Though there were many many warring old beliefs, and societal mantras pulling at me, I decided to let it be okay. In other words, I gave myself permission. To finally LOVE my body the way she wanted me too.

What areas of your life do you need to give yourself permission?

Are you at war with how you feel about something (perception) & what is actually happening (pain in the body)?


Please share in the comments. <3, Susan