I’m back to explain further on this concept of my work as a Self-Love coach and WHY you would use my services.

  In this conference call that I had a month ago (see the first post in this series), it came up that the WHY (or rather the reason) of clients seeking my service wasn’t exactly clear. The discussion focused on my title as “Self-Love” coach. It may not be so upfront what that means but if you over-simplify it well, let’s just say you missed the mark. For example, the speaker of this debate remarked,” If I need a Self-Love coach I first have to feel the lack of self-love but still love myself enough to hire you.” This is an excellent observation and it follows if you stick to the job title alone.

First things first, you are not required to NOT love yourself in order to hire a coach such as myself. The job title is misleading. I use self-love practices to help you identify and become aware of YOU, or rather YOUR VOICE in life. Stick with me here.

When we were little girls and boys, we did and were who we truly are at every moment of every day! You may have forgotten this little person but she had a lot of great wisdom then. If you felt like singing for no reason at all, you did it! Bam. No worries just fun! Everything was about,” I can so I will”. Think about that for a moment. There is so much freedom in being able to express yourself this way. We lose that as we socialize into our culture, work, and home lives. Women have a few more ticks to check along the way that often causes a lot of confusion on how to be ourselves. We are in a constant battle to find balance in being a “lady”, “a powerful career woman”, “a great Mom”, and “an amazing lover”. As you read those roles, you can probably hear messages, often conflicting, on how we are meant to fulfill each one “properly”. These messages cloud our own perspective and sense of self. Usually taking with it something beautiful that we have inside to express.  We are so inundated that we don’t even hear our own voices anymore AND we don’t even realize it, in most cases.

Let’s go back to that little girl who sang for no apparent reason. Could you do that right now? If you are home in an empty house, then maybe YES. But even if you are, there may be some thought popping in saying, “Don’t be so silly. No one will take you seriously if you do that.”

Here’s where I would come in as your Self-love coach and ask, “Who’s telling you to stop?” We would uncover this old belief that is holding you back from a simple pleasure that could be something you are meant to express in the world. But because this message is on REPEAT in your mind, it has thoroughly stopped you from being the next BEYONCÉ! This is just a simple example to showcase something that I do in my coaching.

Can you see how this could affect other important areas in your life because of such messages?

This is a key point in my work. We are clouded by other’s opinions of ourselves that we don’t feel free to be who we are meant to be. The work I do is not about a client having a lack of confidence or no self-love because I know it is already there.  What it is about is uncovering that beautiful soul within and letting HER shine through in every moment of your life. Just like the little girl singing for no apparent reason.  We all need someone to LOVE and accept us as we are so we can begin to LOVE ourselves. Because we don’t have role models showing us the way.  Hence, a Self-love coach can come in help you peel back the layers of social conditioning so you can finally hear, be aware and activate your own voice. We lost some of our natural confidence and reassurance as we grew into adulthood because of trying to fit in with society standards.  But I’m here to tell you that NOW it is time to change that script and be that woman who you want to be.

Are you ready to let your soul shine through?
Live every moment on purpose and full of FREEDOM?

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