In this video I walk you through what beliefs and belief systems are and how they contribute to our overall thinking. Some coaches call these limiting beliefs.

I use belief system because it is one thought process that affects many life situations. I talk about the top three, I see in my practice with clients:

1. Not good enough
2. I need more knowledge (before I can do that thing)
3. Imposter syndrome: who will believe me or listen to what I have to say

I give a fast-tracked way of working through a belief system that has it’s hold on you rather than you taking time to find the source of the established “limiting belief”. It’s about having awareness and shifting out of it, not over examining them.

These steps I share are:

  1. Connect to yourself – this may be through meditation, light housework (something that doesn’t require a lot of thought), or taking a walk. Whatever works for you to slow down and connect.
  2. Once you are in connection, ask yourself this question about your thoughts: Is this true about me? (Byron Katie’s practice).
  3. Then ask, What can I do to shift out of the way I am feeling? Don’t let this confuse you about not being with your feelings. This is a belief that makes you believe something that is not true.

Sometimes in life we get stuck on repetitive thoughts and these steps help you become aware of it, give it less power, and move you out of it in the present moment. Does this cure the situation for good? It will if you practice it. More and more you will have less of this belief system and that is when you know you’ve conquered it.

Remember it took 21 days to download the belief and who knows how long it has been there. This helps you move forward. NOW.

Let me know if this steps have helped you in the comments.

WHERE is your heart leading you?

There is something you may want or desire in your life but sometimes life gets too busy to slow down and take the time to really look at what it would mean or take the steps to make those changes.

When you work with a coach you are saying to yourself, NOW is the time to follow your heart. But not only that, you are also saying you are READY to do something about it and not just dream your life away. I’m looking for that type of woman. The one who:

  • has a burning desire to change her life (in one area or ALL areas of her life)
  • has an intuition that there is more to life than what she has been currently living.
  • has a growth mindset and wants to live a fuller more joyful life.
  • is following her own spiritual path.
  • is ready to commit to herself by working with a coach.

If this sounds like YOU then let’s have a chat online to see if I can support you in making change happen in your life today.

Once all 5 spots are filled, I will not be open again until Spring/Summer. Please book your call to see if this is right for you.