Summer JAM SESSIONS; Shine your Natural Confidence with Embodiment & Oracle cards


This ticket reserves your spot at the meetup on June 11, 2019 at
Ravellaan 96, Utrecht.
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When you walk into a room, do you feel as though people don’t really see you? Is confidence something that alludes you?
Do you feel like you need to fake it until you make it?
What would it be like if you could:
Walk into a room feeling 100% authentic to yourself, feeling empowered and full of confidence in your body and that you don’t need to follow what someone else is doing “fake it”, you only have to be YOU.
Under the production of The Heart Wise Society, this summer JAM SESSION is all about exploring who you truly are!
In this two-hour session:
– We will use oracle cards. Each participant will choose their card through intuition & law of attraction.
– Looking at the chosen card & working together as a group we help each person discover what are the resonating character traits that come from the card that connect back.
– Once it is understood how this card connects to each person’s life/life situation, we explore how these traits work for you and feel in your body.
– Using the card as the guide, we play it out loud through your body by using embodiment.
This space is safe so you can freely express everything with no judgments, expectations or limitations!
Let’s shine our confidence together!
8 spots available!
Introductory price of 15 euros for the summer. Please select this item and pay at check-out to reserve your spot!
Sincerely Your Hostess,
Susan de Vriend


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