Summer JAM SESSIONS – Attune with YOU: Aromatic journaling with intuitive card reading.


This ticket reserves your spot at the meetup on June 25, 2019 at
Ravellaan 96, Utrecht.
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Have you been questioning what’s going on in your life?

Are you open to creating space to explore what you are really here to do?

Have you tried meditation but it hasn’t really brought you the clarity you want?

Do you want to connect with women who can support and guide this exploration and self-connection?

This jam session invites and welcomes you to:

-reflect – observe what is really holding you back in your life.

-seek: look for answers to guide your direction and life

-connect: with yourself

-explore:pure plant and nature extracts, freewriting, and Oracle cards as a way to tap into your inner resources.

Take a journey within with your guides and hosts Nicola Cloherty and Susan de Vriend.

In this 2-hour Jam session we will;

– Ground, centre and Journal around a theme and go a little bit deeper to answer some questions.

– Experience the power of connecting intuitively with aromas – essential oils – to open up our emotions and inspire our subconscious thoughts to aid in our freewriting exercise.

– At the end of our writing session, each individual connects and  intuitively selects a card to anchor further into their inner journey from the session, taking away with them a message to point them in a direction to continue their inward journey.

We hold this space in trust, confidence and safety so that you can be yourself, freely express yourself and share as you see fit.

Items required at the event:

Bring a journal and pen, and an open mind & heart.

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Nicola Cloherty – Holistic Living Guide & Marketing Consultant

Susan de Vriend – Self-love life Coach & Heart Whispering Mystic:


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