Take a journey

into self-discovery, self-expression & self-love.

When you begin a journey there are many things you need to  know before you go, how to prepare for it & of course, making the trip to reach your destination.

It’s the same with an Inner journey into self-discovery, self-expression and self-love. You may already have some idea of what needs exploration but you may not know how to find your way there or what steps to take in preparation in getting there. Or how to actually get there. There are many questions to reflect on and answer before, during, and while in the middle of your journey.

Way before you consult anyone, you’ve probably done your research. You want to know who is the best to take care of your needs, will he/she give you the best options, and finally will they guide you to the top of that mountain just the way you expect and need.

I am the guide & coach who is ready to help you find your center, your True voice, and connect back with yourself in your heart. Helping you to see what leading your life from this place would be like which will give you an idea of how any future journeys will go for you. You will always know the way after working with me as your guide and coach.

I wouldn’t take my word for it. It is always to test these things out. Especially since we are talking about something extremely important: Transforming your LIFE. You don’t want to just trust anyone with that.

But, what can you expect as me as your Guide & Coach?

You will be seen. As who you truly are and wish to be more of. What does that mean? This is about being that creative, fully free human being that may not have been felt in a long long time. She is still present within you. I will help you tap back into her voice and guide you to let her express herself out loud. As your guide, I listen to you at a level that is comforting because it is me hearing YOUR heart. I call this Heart Whispering. I am able to feel and hear your passions by the way you speak. I help you to see, feel, and hear what you may have learned to ignore.

This listening allows for us to create your map for the Inner journey in our coaching partnership. In this phase of the journey it becomes exciting and fun because you are creating the way you want to live. My role as your coach & guide is to keep you on course and help make corrections based on the estimations we made in the beginning. All journeys are created with intentions of getting you to the destination but as we all know, discovering yourself and expressing her more shows new ways of doing things and being with situations in a new refreshing ways. So adjustments will happen along the way. My job is to remind you that this is a normal part of the journey. And you can expect that I will do that for you.

The results are varied as each person is different. Working with women of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures has shown me a few things that thread us together but each woman has her own level of self-awareness, worth, and love that may need more nurturing than the other. You can find a few of the testimonials of these women to get a feel what it would be like to make this journey now.

What’s next?

Let’s get to know each other first. This is an important conquest you are about to make. And like all journeys, you won’t be the same by the end. You may be ready to book a 20 minute call now. Great! Head to the button and schedule our virtual meeting.

You may not be ready. Then let’s get to know each in another way. Join my growing weekly newsletter. Every week, I share with you new insights in coaching, self-development, and self-love. I also host a podcast where I interview women who followed their hearts to create a life they love.

I’m happy you took the time to visit this website. I hope it doesn’t end here. But if it does, know I send you the very best wishes in your quest to find a coach who can support you in reaching your dreams.









Ready to start your journey?

Wanna get to know each other a little more?


What would it be like to work with a coach for the next, 3 months? Or maybe, 6 months or a year?

If you have never done this there are a lot of questions and reassurances you may need or want before making any decision towards your future. AND you really would be wise to do so. 

I put together this page for this reason. And even so, not ALL questions can be answered on a web page. Once you’ve reviewed it, make sure to sign up for a 20-minute virtual meeting so I can personally answer your questions. 

I recently moved to the Netherlands and was in search of a new career path. Needless to say, I was full of self-doubt and fear. I needed someone I could talk to objectively, who could support me, listen to my struggles and help me work through them. Susan did just that. She was incredibly attentive and I immediately felt comfortable confiding in her. She helped me brainstorm ideas and create actionable goals. It was empowering to simply share stories of successes and failures along the way so we could celebrate and commiserate together. And she is SO much fun and full of positive energy – it’s infectious. I walked away from each conversation full of motivation and drive. I learned that, in order to be a better leader, I needed to show up and be more visible to myself. This included defining my values and aligning my goals to them, being aware of my self-talk and celebrating the small wins along the way. In only a few sessions, I built confidence and discovered new opportunities and strategies to improve my visibility and build my network. I highly recommend Susan as a coach to help you realize your goals – and have fun along the way!



Heartfelt thoughts from former clients


Susan helped me focus on barriers related to starting my own business. She helped to identify ways to overcome these barriers and what to do to avoid them in the future

What I discovered about myself in my session is that I can do this! I have the ability and if I dig deep enough I have the confidence.

At the end of my coaching session with Susan, I felt open, confident and more positive. I had direction and focus.

If you are considering working with Susan I would say, Do it! Initially, I was concerned about my session with Susan, wondering what she was going to ask or expect of me. Susan clearly outlined her role and asked what were my expectations. Speaking with a coach is different to talking with a friend about a problem or situation. As a coach, Susan approached our session without any judgement or history, she joined me in identifying potential solutions making me feel I am still in control. 


Virtual Assistant, Purple Bounce

Ready to go on an inner journey?

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