Make your Heart come Alive!

You are one step away from RSVPing to the exclusive 5-day party for my birthday, Make your HEART come ALIVE, cuz…ahem, I’m turning 45.  Time to celebrate by doing what I love the MOST and that is helping women LIKE YOU get your heart pumping and your life jumping!!  Let’s hear what that heart has to say and follow it towards your biggest dreams!

Soon after you press submit…A thank you email will come to you with **the LINK to where the party will be celebrated starting on April 16th and finishing on April 20th!  Click that LINK to join the Facebook group!

All the announcements, full party schedule, and the dirty little details will be posted and made available to you on the Facebook Group:  Make your Heart come Alive TRIBE.  Once you get that link come on by to the group and get a special party favor in the pinned post at the top.

See you very SOON.

Thank you for celebrating my big birthday with me! :-*

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