Jump into your heart coaching sessions is a service I created to show how much I love to coach people(open to both men & women). I believe everyone should have access to coaching in a way that works for them, that is affordable, & that is also easy to get started!

This service is provided according to what you feel you are ready for now.  You choose what you want, how much, and need in your life.  You will find the complete break-down of how this works below.

Who is this for?

This is for you if,

  • You have been thinking about what you want to move forward on or move past this year but doing an online challenge or self-help book isn’t exactly the “thing” that will motivate you.
  • You have thought about hiring a coach but you do not have the time nor the extra budget to commit to a 3-6 month coaching program.
  • You are willing to work more offline on your own development.
  • You are open to using meditation as a way to connect to your heart.
  • You want support but not too much “hand-holding”.
  • You want to take step forward in your life from a place of love & intention instead of rushing to GET something and must have results kind of way. In other words, you are committed to your change in a steady gentle way and not in a linear check-the-box type of way.
  • You really want to make this year the one you love yourself totally!
  • You are ready to get started NOW.

*This is not available to former clients. 

Here is how it works.

Step 1: How many?

First we start with an intake session. Schedule that first to see if we are a fit. Then from that session you choose how many sessions you would like to have with me online.  You can have one, two, three or four.  Each session is 60 minutes long.  All sessions will be online exclusively, using Zoom. You do not need to have an account on Zoom. I will provide this piece later.

Step 2: What do we focus on?

You also choose what area you want to focus on. Here are the 9 areas that you can decide, “hm maybe that is the one that needs attention.  They are:

  • Career
  • Family & Friends
  • Romance & Significant other
  • Fun & Recreation
  • Health
  • Money
  • Personal Growth & Development
  • Physical Environment and,
  • Lifestyle

Step Three: Buy your sessions!

Let’s get to the cost, shall we?!  Each session is €44,00.  Once you have decided how many you want then you know how much it will cost.  BUT WAIT there’s more! (couldn’t resist saying it).  You will ALSO receive a meditation from the Full Heart Meditation program based on the life area you chose. This will help you do some preparation work before our session(s).


Let’s say you want to do this ….

You chose:  2 sessions in Career.

You get:  Total of 120 minutes coaching with me + the Career meditation download!

= 88.00 + tax.

It is my sincere hope is that this approach to coaching speaks to you & resonates with your heart. And if it does, I would like to encourage you to please press the Purchase button.

Let’s get started on the dreams your heart wishes for you!