Heart Whisperings

Heart Whisperings

What is a Heart Whispering?

A Heart Whispering is a blend of my unique intuitive gifts, professional coaching skills* and mystical guidance.

It begins with a card reading. Each card is selected through an intuitive process that I use and created to make the reading a more powerful experience. The one seeking a heart whispering also is invited to play a role in the reading. A heart whispering can be done no matter where you are in the world. They can be given online or in person.

By using this special method of heart whispering (listening), intuition, and collaborating with you, it means that every reading I hold is unique and customized especially for you.


* I have received my coaching certification from CTI, the Coaches Training Institute. I use the CoActive® model. You can find out more about it here.

Why would you need a Heart Whispering?

Some of us have forgotten to listen to our hearts and how to act from that place. There are many desires and longings that you might’ve put to the side because it was inconvenient, you don’t have enough time to do that thing or it could be other obstacles. Like,

“I’m not good enough”, or

“I don’t have the money nor the time to devote to my heart’s calling” or

“The right expertise or education” or

“What will others think of me?”

Does this sound a bit familiar? Whatever has kept you from being in your heart and leading from it, the opportunity that I am offering with a heart whispering is to guide you back into your heart. The typical results that clients have had are:

  • Clarity. Most clients get clear on some issues or situations they are grappling with at that moment.
  • Validation. These readings are very validating and affirming on what you already suspect or have felt is true for you. By having this reading, it allows for you to trust yourself more and strengthens your intuition.
  • Momentum. Because an aspect of these whisperings involves coaching you will feel inspired to move forward and as your coach I will give you an exercise or challenge to move on it.

Who is this for? 

This offer is a nice fit for you if you are;

  • looking for guidance and clarity in any area of your life.
  • open minded to the process of card readings.
  • a spiritually-minded, awakened woman
  • looking to feel more connected to yourself and your own spiritual gifts.
  • looking to have your dreams be validated.
  • looking for next steps in your life.


How does this work?

 Step 1 – Find the Go to the Shop button below, select the Heart whisperings product and follow the instructions to pay for your session. You will receive confirmation of the payment.

Step 2  – An email with a link to schedule your appointment will be sent to you. Please schedule your appointment. The systems I use allows for different time zones. 

Step 3 – On the day of the whisperings, please arrive to the online Zoom room about 5 minutes before the set time. This allows for any technical challenges. The link to Zoom is provided in the appointment notice made in your calendar. 

Step 4 – We meet for your heart whispering. 

Heart Whisperings

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What others have said about their Heart Whisperings?

I’m Barbara born in Brazil, and a mother. I have been living in The Netherlands for three years. For a couple of months I’ve been marinating on this idea of writing a book in English over the spiritual world to help expand their consciousness and wake up, to add value to people’s lives.My intuition says the time has arrived but I was just preparing myself to do it. Then Susan gave me a Heart Whispering! Her intuition and her coaching skills make a unique bombastic combo! In one session, we made a grounded connection, she confirmed to me my path, clarified my options and in a busy world of the daily demands of my job, the house and life, she helped me to commit to a daily action to watering the seeds of my goal! This was the kick start for me to do it. I’m glad to inform now I’m one week pregnant of my new book. I highly recommend her reading. If you need guidance or have a question, book an appointment.

Barbara Saldanha Paz

Writer and translator English-Portuguese, https://about.me/barbarasaldanhapaz

Really love the session with Susan and her spirit on how she does her job. I would definitely highly recommend Susan as she is really a loving person!

It really gave me loads of insight of what card reading is about and how interesting this spiritual thing can be.

Thanks to her guidance and support, she helped me on what and where to look out for. It really is helpful!
Lup Wai

Owner & Parent Whisperer, The Parent Whisperer

“Susan’s warmth, authenticity and love for what she does was palpable throughout the session. Susan expertly guided me in the Heart Whispering, asking me for my initial response to each card, before sharing the interpretation and her intuitive messages and guidance. It felt like a beautiful co-creation between myself, Susan and spirit! I am currently birthing new aspects of my coaching business and the session confirmed that I am on the right path. It also served as a call to action, gently nudging me to step more fully into sharing my own hearts’ wisdom with the world. Thank you Susan! “

Camila Armstrong

Heart Aligned Coach / Clutter Clearing Coach / Arts Therapist, https://www.heartalignedliving.com/

Susan is very in tune with her guides and has been able to give me some very interesting and accurate readings. She told me, way in advance, the date my daughters would be born ❤️ They were born more than a month premature! She adds her own touch to her sessions and makes it interesting and fun! Susan has years of experience and it shows. Definitely recommend getting readings from her. 


Liz Pimenta

Owner, EFT & Harmony Coach, lizpimenta.com

For me, the heart whispering was exactly what I needed in that moment, as well as with what I had been dealing with over the last week or so. The cards which were drawn were so in-line with the question on my heart. Both Susan and I laughed a nervous ‘these aren’t holding any prisoners’ laughs when they were pulled, but I was ready to face facts! For me, this guidance validated my initial instincts and vibes around the topic which had been heavy on my heart. Susan facilitated so beautifully!

I felt so grounded and supported. Susan was connecting with her team of angels and guides whilst carrying out my reading. She was getting information and after downloading, fed it back to me. I found this a real solidifier of ‘this isn’t just a card reading’ – it’s intuitive energy reading and guidance. Susan is warm, open and authentic, and connection is super important to me, as well as transparency which is what I experienced with Susan. None of what she did was fake or for show – it was truly genuine and powerful.

Yes, I got guidance on the question and how to move forward. I did at the moment and then after too. Susan gave me some ‘homework’ to ensure that I acted upon what had been presented to me in this reading. We also identified what I could do differently in the future, and for that, I am truly grateful!

Nicola Cloherty

Holistic Living Guide & Marketing Consultant, www.daretobeselfish.com

Heart Whisperings

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