Here we are again, Pauline Siebers and I, talking about intuition.  I find that our talks are never finished because so many things come up while we are in it. Each interview that we’ve had, have been spontaneous and literally led by our intuitions.  In today’s podcast, what I found really important was how mindfulness played a big part in how Pauline developed her intuition.  What I realized after talking to Pauline that a few steps emerged in how you might discover your own intuition:

  1. Begin a daily practice of being still/quiet (examples: meditation, prayer or mindfulness).
  2. In having a daily practice you will begin to become aware of thoughts, feelings, and things you may have otherwise ignored before in your life.
  3. This awareness will bring you in touch with your intuition. Intuition can be many things like, knowing a friend is going to call, having a vision of a new business idea, or a romance that is coming for you. It takes some practice and understanding as it is different for all of us. In this podcast, Pauline explains how it works for her.  I hope it inspires you to find your way to  your own intuition.