Why is it important to affirm these words? What importance could they have in saying them?

When we remind ourselves that we are here, we are saying we have a right to be here and it is also a fact. You can feel yourself in this world. And how beautiful that is. YOU ARE HERE! And your moment is now, and now, and now. Simply by being here, you are worthy, good, and important.

YOU affirming these powerful words solidify your power, your voice, and with them you anoint yourself with your own blessings of truth & goodness. By you owning these words, you let no other rule you. You rule you & you alone. This is a gift we can give ourselves every moment of every day. We only need to evoke the words in moments where we forgot our greatness.

For today, come look at these words, feel them into your body and when the moment moves you, say “I AM HERE!” Now do it again but this time jump up, out of your chair, say it louder & louder so that YOU plant it into the depth of your core. And that you remember what & who you are; An all powerful divine beauty of the light. And when you are lit up you light others around you.❤️