The truth sometimes it hides in the dark shadows. When we seek it we may find it.

When do we know, we’ve heard it?


We all have the ability to know when we hear the truth. It can be felt through the vibrations of the voice saying the words attached to it. The vibrations will make your heart fluttered or pulse. You feel an electric tinge and you hear suddenly with clear ears. Your heart always recognizes the Truth. You don’t need to check anywhere else but there.❤️ There is the essence to the Truth that has a regal quality to it. It rings a sound that can be heard by a sensitive ear. You know that it is the Truth. And that is of the highest value.

If you are a sensitive empathic soul you understand this on a deep level. That is because you feel & sense the Truth in a way that most don’t quite understand. You have the ability to really know when someone else is not telling the Truth. You don’t need to over analyse it. It is what you feel in your heart and in your body. Trusting this can be sometimes difficult especially if you have been trusting that person/people for some time. Also you have been trained out of trusting your intuition and heart messages because it is not “logical” to feel the truth or hear it when the words aren’t matching. This takes effort to get back to this part of you and extinguish what others have told you. Others who do not have the gifts you do.
To further complicate matters, being empathic and highly sensitive means taking action towards another is foreign to you. You don’t want to be the cause of harm or hurt even if you are the one suffering. This is that other special gift you possess. You can feel another’s feelings as if they are your own. You are not, however, responsible for them. You only need to respond with loving kindness and then, choose for you. I’m not underplaying this part. It is truly a hard thing for us to do. It takes practice, clear boundaries and loving yourself.
Consider for a moment though, the power in your way of seeing, feeling and hearing the Truth. 

Can you see how much that is needed in this day and age we live?



More and more people do not trust sources that once we’re the pillars of the Truth. I’d say we need more Truth tellers/feelers like YOU to help guide everyone out of the dark mire of these changing times. Times that call for heart, truth, and courageous people who can see, feel, and hear the truth at the drop of a word! You are needed. So very much.