This is an interview with Elisabeth van den Berkmortel of Vrouwengeneeskunde,

Elisabeth knew she was pregnant but the tests and doctors said she wasn’t. Listen to how the journey to Elisabeth’s pregnancy and “keeping” that pregnancy shows how powerful it is to TRUST and FOLLOW your intuition.

More about Elisabeth

Elisabeth started her career as an in-house lawyer working for big financials, but could not find fulfillment in that area of work. After she became a mother of 3 she decided to follow her heart, and change her career completely.

She became a reiki master, brought HypnoBirthing to the Netherlands, became a doula, yoga teacher and also completed her studies as acupuncturist, orthomolecular therapist, hypnotherapist & Mercier massage therapist. She even studied midwifery for 2 years, but since she had no intention of becoming a midwife she decided not to pursue that study.

The connecting factor in all her follow-up studies is the health and welfare of women.

By combining her vast knowledge and skills with her strong intuition, she knows how to tune into her client and to treat multiple levels simultaneously. As a result, the self-restoring ability of the body is reactivated and the client gets awareness and guidance so that she can also make the desired changes in her daily life.