Following a recent intuition, I decided to start a podcast where I interview inspiring women who followed their hearts and their intuition. I believe in the power of storytelling. The right story can motivate any of us to move ahead with that idea, project, new career if we allow it. Sometimes it only takes an inspiration but most of us need some other motivators like only a good story can do.

As a coach, I listen and witness many women’s journey through self-discovery and transformation into being who they really wish to be. I am often inspired by them. With this podcast, it is my hope that these stories will also offer you some inspiration by hearing the beauty of another’s journey into bravery, trust, and inspiration. We are amazing and beautiful when we believe in ourselves.
Introducing Pauline Siebers. She is the embodiment of inspiration as she lives by her gut feelings and follows her heart even when it seems the most difficult choice. When Pauline went on a vacation with her then boyfriend, what she found was a new place to call home.  Come listen to how Pauline followed her heart and was guided towards this dream location 2 years later.