I had the pleasure of interviewing my friend Nathasja Gootjes of Helderheid coaching, www.helderheid-coaching.nl. In our talk, she detailed out an event of guided intuition that when she got past her doubts and trusted her intuition it led her to a friend, a workshop, a new method she created and ultimately a business that aligns with her gift and the way she wanted to serve people.

Please come listen and find out what Nathasja has learned by listening and following her heart.

As mentioned in this episode, Nathasja has followed her heart and intuition by holding a women’s retreat this coming June!!  She has named this special retreat, the Sisterhood of LOVE 2018 retreat in the Netherlands! For those in the local area, this is an opportunity to experience Nathasja’s special method, workshops, connection and much more. Please find out more here: http://helderheid-coaching.nl/sisterhoodoflove2018/