After a long break I’m back to share with you my renewed vision of Guided. It includes more discussion on what it means to be Guided. I hope to take us beyond the stories I’ve shared of others and open up a new conversation allowing us to dive into those mysterious places of intuition and “knowing”. 

This episode I discuss some buzz words that tend to be vague in the transformation biz.  Words (phrases) like “wanting more”, “purpose”, “true self”, “being present”. Words sometimes miss the fullness of an experience. I hope that this talk begins to bridge us from a meaning of a word from something logical to something that is experienced and felt. Words can sometimes fail us because of perceptions, belief systems and prejudices. When we talk about things like transformation it goes beyond words. 😉 


What do you think?

Do you know what it is to be fully present?

How do you describe being your True Self?