Featuring Maya Saric

For Maya it was always about words. She loved to study them and how they worked and flowed in a sentence. Growing up in Serbia, it meant war and bombs always. It created an environment for Maya that meant learning a way out and surviving.

She was really curious about the English language but through some set of circumstances ended up learning Arabic and found herself in Syria. While she was there she roomed with a Canadian who promised to always speak English to her. In a funny turn of events, her wish to learn English still came true!


When she looks back on her work life, Maya remembers,

“And I didn’t have any bad bosses. On the contrary I had great colleagues. But I didn’t feel happy. I didn’t feel fulfilled. Because I did some things, I did things that didn’t have anything to do with my heart. I wasn’t following my passion. I wasn’t empowered. I wasn’t …I just wasn’t happy.”


This remarkable gift of awareness brought her to her current work as a copywriter. She loves to bend words for her clients to give them the MOST impact and leave an impression on their potential clients.

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