Featuring Maria-Ines Fuenmayor

Here is a woman who has seen it all and still landed on her feet. At an early age, she developed a love for travel. “I blame this on my parents,” is how she remembers it. Her fascinating story unravels several things that really gets you to the core of who Maria-Ines is and how she has come to rely on herself with each transition in her life.

“Because the passion was bigger than fear that, you know, any situation could have given me.”

During this interview she shares how she went from studying architecture to becoming a humanitarian. How she moves from Venezuela to Washington D.C. and working on assignment in Nigeria. And then in a major turn of events how she followed her heart and bought a one-way ticket into a WAR zone!!!!!

Through it all she stayed the course by following her passion (and heart) by leaving her fear behind. Take a journey into Maria-Ines’ world and hear her words,

“I truly, very strongly believe that if you educate women you educate a society.

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