In this podcast I’m joined by a fellow coach, Eva Visser Plaza of Eva Authentic Living. We walk through the landscape of Imposter syndrome, what is it, how we feel about it for ourselves, and how we work inside this concept with our clients, also how we learn from our clients.

Some common points that both Eva and I have are:

  • How the word SHOULD shows up
  • Often we are striving to fit in
  • we both feel the EGO is not something to rid yourself of.
  • we agree it’s more situational and less like you have a disease

Mid-way through this podcast, Eva shares with us a story that transformed herself and how she approaches things with her client. What came out of the learning was a powerful technique that she uses on herself, her clients and NOW she is giving it to US. Please click the listen button for this episode on What the Imposter is really telling us?


We want to know: What ways do you see the Imposter appear in your life? Would this tool that Eva gives help you to tame it?

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