Episode #20 – Her remarkable love for words led the way free against all odds.

Featuring Maya Saric

For Maya it was always about words. She loved to study them and how they worked and flowed in a sentence. Growing up in Serbia, it meant war and bombs always. It created an environment for Maya that meant learning a way out and surviving.

She was really curious about the English language but through some set of circumstances ended up learning Arabic and found herself in Syria. While she was there she roomed with a Canadian who promised to always speak English to her. In a funny turn of events, her wish to learn English still came true!


When she looks back on her work life, Maya remembers,

“And I didn’t have any bad bosses. On the contrary I had great colleagues. But I didn’t feel happy. I didn’t feel fulfilled. Because I did some things, I did things that didn’t have anything to do with my heart. I wasn’t following my passion. I wasn’t empowered. I wasn’t …I just wasn’t happy.”


This remarkable gift of awareness brought her to her current work as a copywriter. She loves to bend words for her clients to give them the MOST impact and leave an impression on their potential clients.

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Episode #8: Ana Tabain: Daring to be different led me to living my life of purpose.

Ana Tabain always knew she wanted to be a teacher.  She dared to move to a city on the other side of her home country, then to the UK, and to the Netherlands following her heart for a better way of living.  Against all evidence of having a life that most wanted, she and her partner constantly question the status quo.  Living life with purpose includes being daring and finding what works well for them in the time and place they are living.

“I’m not going to wait for things to manifest in my life.  I’m going to get them.”

Ana’s life is a marvel of adventure based on her willing to ask and daring to be different from what she was raised to be.  Listen to her amazing story of how she is continuously guided.
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Episode #7: Sundae Schneider-Bean: Taking a LEAP without a net!

There is no place in Sundae’s life that she doesn’t follow her heart.  She truly lives by it and you will experience this when you listen to this podcast.  I have to admit there were so many good points she made in this interview that I had a difficult time writing a post for it.  Here are the highlights:

Sundae talks about how following your heart happens in the small moments not always in the big LEAP moments.  As Sundae calls it, it’s in the micro-moments.  When I asked her how she found her way to discovering these moments and tapping into her heart she tells a very open and honest story where she lost touch with her body.  This was her wake-up call to look within and do things like, self-care, ask for help, and being a good coach to herself.

 “I had to get a place of suffering before I discovered these strategies.”

She realized that the job she was in was going against her integrity.  She wasn’t directly impacted but she could see that this wasn’t in alignment with who she is.  She made the decision to leave and followed her heart to new opportunities.

It was at this time that she decided to follow a new career path that had no career opportunities in Switzerland for this field. But she went for it and later her dream job found her because of the very education she obtained!   AND BONUS she was also able to ask for what she needed so she could still be with her brand new baby.

“I said YES to my heart and allowed myself to trust that I would find a way.”

Later she tells this story about her Dad.  He said to her once, “Sundae, I really don’t know, if you are really stupid, really smart, or god-damn lucky.” Using her Dad’s logic, she submits…

“It is really a dumb idea.

  • To get a degree in something that does not exist
  • To marry guy from around the world.
  • To quit a lifelong career at the 2nd largest company in Switzerland to pursue a new career and become an entrepreneur. “

This is not to say any of this was easy for Sundae.  She reminds us that it is HARD EARNED for a reason.

Sundae says quite powerfully:

“One of the things that I am so passionate about is about living my life with purpose and with meaning not with what other people think I should do and what I could do.”

She gives a lovely example of how you get to this place of living a purposeful and meaningful life.  It is the difference between feeling pushed versus feeling pulled.  She used this lovely metaphor, “It feels like a cord coming from my heart into the world pulling me towards it.”  A quote she uses as a mantra to guide her: If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.

One thing is for sure, and as you can see in this post, Sundae is truly inspirational because she lives bravely, passionately and by her HEART allowing it to guide her way.