We have been paving the way with this month’s theme of intuition. In the last episode I shared a story about how my intuition worked in a situation.

Admittedly, this story I shared is well, magical and amazing. In this episode I dissect it to show what were some key elements working in my favor. It helps to hear the story first. So please, go back and listen if you haven’t already. Here are the elements that are notable:

  1. I was a young girl.
  2. I was on vacation with my family. So, out of my daily routine of going to school.
  3. I was bored. Therefore I was open to different opportunities.

All of things made me more OPEN to listening to my intuition. Of course, most of us are not children now and we have real life distractions that take us away from listening, much less, trusting the messages our intuitions gives us. This is why we so often ignore it. But also, as I say in this episode, we have been trained away from it because we learned to value our intellects more. What can we do about it if we want to change it?

I offer a tip inside the show. Join me in this podcast and let me know your thoughts about your intuition.



Do you pick up the messages you receive from your intuition? Or is it always left unanswered?


Let me know in the comments.