This month I will be sharing the second phase of the 3-phase method, the Heart Whispering Method. This is the CLAIM phase.

I talk about what the CLAIM phase is and how it feels for a client, or anyone going through transformation. This is the awkward part where you are just learning to walk your AFFIRMed vision. You are trying on the way you want to be in the world. This has everything to do with your life purpose. Learning how to move into your purpose means knowing your guiding force, which is ALWAYS about knowing your values. These gems tell us when things are off and give us ideas on how to get back on course. But if you are stuck in any place in your life and you don’t know what is wrong then it is probably that you do not know your values or forgot to check in with them. Values always gets us back to ourselves.

Do you know some of your values? What do you do when you feel they are off?

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