This week I give you a final step in cutting the cords which is to create some protection around yourself. More specifically, protecting your energy. If you tuned into the last episode you will have, hopefully, went and grabbed the free downloaded visualization on how to cut your cords. If you didn’t, pop over there now!

Here are some things I cover:

  • Empaths are naturally open with their energy. This is the WHY we need to protect it more.
  • The Pink Bubble and my thoughts as to why this isn’t always the one that works for HSP’s and Empaths
  • How flowers is the way to go in protecting our energy! Shout out to my friend Nathasja who gave me this gem!

Energy for highly sensitives and Empaths is a huge thing to take care of because as you know, we feel a lot! Protecting yourself is a big gift in helping you manage the day to day but also, and most especially, NOW.

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RESOURCES from the episode:

My friend taught me the flower visualization, check her out here, Nathasja at

Find out more on Highly Sensitive People,

Thriving as an Empath by Judith Orloff, m.d. 

Dodging Energy Vampires, by Dr. Christiane Northrup

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