I have coached women for over 5 years now. I helped them to identify their true desires and how to express who they are in their lives and careers more fully & authentically. It’s something I think we all as women can relate to at some point in our lives. When a woman wants to start down a path of transformation, it can be tricky and my work as a coach, heart whisperer, and empath has helped illuminate things for them so that they can make those changes stick. In the background I used a method that was strictly intuitive. But after a lot of thought and review I found out how to articulate and put to paper what my secret sauce in coaching highly-sensitive, empathic women is. And in this episode, I am sharing with you that secret sauce, which is a 3-phase method that I call The Heart Whispering Method. I’ve used this for years with my clients and in my own life. I’m thrilled to share with you how this methodology works, what someone is going through when they start working with me, and how transformation happens in these 3 phases. Join me on the podcast. And I would be interested,

Did you recognize some of the symptoms in your life?

Have you moved past those things? How did you do it?




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