This is the final installment of this 4 part series in being an Empath. I speak on the topic of tools and rituals we “should” put in place to help us navigate the world with a bit more ease and with a sense of self-awareness and personal power. I talk about easy tools that use when I am in a pinch or what I do on the daily to keep myself in a good flow of my own energy. We tend to pick up a lot as Empaths on a day to day basis. These areas I talk about will help you be free of those things so you can feel your own sense of self worth. And don’t be fooled, even if you don’t leave your house you pick up a lot from emails, videos, and scrolling through your Insta feed. 😉 As I mention in the beginning of each of these episodes, take time to explore these things for yourself. This is about you developing an awareness to who you are and what you are capable of doing. You owe it to yourself to find your own way with it. I’m here to support you and offer any resources I have. You can always reach out to me through this podcast, website, and on any social media platform you find me on. Empaths need each other for support, understanding and compassion. What I may experience can be different to what you might experience but as Empaths, well, we know how to help. 😉 

I hope you enjoyed all the episodes and learned how to navigate your own abilities within the realm of being an Empath.


Nasthaja Gootjes of Helderheid Coaching –



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