If you are an Empath or a highly sensitive then sometimes we do this, suck up other’s energy (usually negative emotions because of the charge) naturally & sometime without awareness. 😳

With all that is going on in the world, the Coronavirus & lockdown there is A LOT of frustration, irritation, worry, loss and fear floating around in the air just ready & waiting for an unsuspecting Empath or highly sensitive to come by a suck it up. We really must take care of ourselves. In this podcast, I talk about ways I realized what was happening to me (oops we all do it!), and I get us focusing on what things we can do. This will be a mini self-care series specially made for the times we are going through & highly sensitives & Empaths. I’m offering up some simple things I DO (and I’m sometimes forgetful so I make things super easy, fyi).  I will also shout out a few resources from trusted places that I use to help calm my Empath nerves. Let’s face it we are in our homes which most of us love but locked in with our families can cause a bit “too much” togetherness for us. And so, let these next podcasts I hope to help you find a way to get relief.

Do you have a SUPER cool Empath/HSP tip for handling the times we are in?

If YES, please share in the comments. I love learning new things too. 🤓


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