In this episode of Guided, I launch the new theme of Intuition. I talk about the 3 ways that your intuition “communicates” with you in your body. When you think about intuition you may find yourself saying, “I knew it in my gut that something wasn’t right”, or “I followed my heart,” or “I just knew. I don’t know how it was just there.”  So I talk about where these feelings and thoughts reside in our bodies and how we can become more aware of when our intuition is in play so we can use it towards our daily lives. 

Do you feel your intuition in any of these 3 ways? 

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Want to venture deeper into your Intuition?

This month I’m holding a 3 day Quest to venture into the magic of your intuition.

It starts February 10 and ends February 13th.

Each day you receive a short video to cover the focus point of that day and later on you can we join together for a LIVE gathering in Zoom to discuss further that exercise/journal prompt for that day.

This Quest is great for those women who are looking to:

* venture deeper into their intuition,

* who want to meet more women that are also working on this, AND

* who want to have some FUN experimenting with our intuitions.