Could it be your time to follow your heart?

I’m hosting another workshop in Amsterdam on February 18 for Netwerkcafé Amsterdam: Werken voor Elkaar.  

In this workshop, the focus is getting into your heart instead of your head.

Some key points on this topic are:

  • Why getting back into your heart is important in career& life.
  • How to know you are not in it and how to get into it more?

The benefits of following and leading from the heart are:

  • Clarity – always knowing what direction to take and what works best for you.
  • Ease & Flow – to your life and work. No more hustle or extra effort.
  • Confidence – you can always count on yourself. No more second-guessing!
  • FUN – creating life and choosing a career on your own terms is wonderful and let’s face it, FUN


More Details about the event and to RSVP here.