Speak from the Heart: LIVING ROOM SESSIONS next date is up for WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 24, 2018.

This month we are doing something new by changing the day of the week to WEDNESDAY.  Some women have come forward asking if I could change the day so that they could join. I want to give this opportunity to MORE women. I’m happy to make these changes. I really enjoy meeting each of you and hearing how life is going. Sharing our stories and connecting in REAL time over coffee and tea. ♥

Details of the event:  It goes like this.  Every month I host this event in the comfort of my home (aka, the living room). Together, we create a safe place for us to feel comfortable, safe, and able to talk about what resides deep in our hearts. There will be no photos of attendees, no live streams, no videos, or anything of the sort.  We hold a pact that all things shared in the room are not for the public.  Keeping it confidential, keeps us safe and allows us to open our hearts.

Open for 8 women. To make sure you get your spot please RSVP here. Tea, Coffee, and snacks are provided.  Once you are confirmed as attending, I will contact you directly to give you further details about location and parking.

Have Questions about the Speak from your Heart event? Send them here.

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