One YEAR ago…

 It all started with an idea and a wish to connect and be a part of a small group of women who longed to speak from their hearts as I did. I decided it would be easier to make it in my home and comfortable allowing a small number to attend. I’ve seen some women come once who didn’t know me at all. And some women who come as often as they are able. It is remarkable what happens when women come together. I’ve been truly inspired by the women who have come to my home.

We’ve only just begun! 

Yes this is a shameful song reference of the Carpenters

It is a courgeous thing to do, open your hearts, be vunerable, and share among, often, strangers. But what I’ve seen and experienced with these women is that when one of us opens up and speak from her heart it gives us all permission to do so. It helps bring hearts together which creates true connection with others. 

So tell me, have you been thinking, Hmmm could this be something for me?

Then please let me encourage you to join us.

We would love to have you! ♥

Here is how it works:

These monthly sessions are hosted in the comfort of my home (otherwise known as, the living room). Together, we create a safe place for us to feel comfortable & able to talk about what resides deep in our hearts. All topics are open. There will be no photos of attendees, no live streams, no videos, or anything of the sort.  We hold a pact that all things shared in the room are not for the public. Keeping it confidential, keeps us safe and allows us to open our hearts.

As always it is open for 8 women. Tea, Coffee, and snacks are provided.  We welcome any baked goods and snacks if you would like to share some. 🙂

In order to secure one of these 8 spots, please “purchase” a ticket at the link provided. It is a free event. However, some details will not be published on Facebook or here on the website. Therefore by “purchasing” a ticket and providing an email, you will receive more details about the event AND your spot will be reserved for this month.