We are coming together AGAIN to bring this powerful workshop to more women in the local area!


Have you been feeling low on energy?

Busy in your head, tired and restless?

Are you feeling stressed-out and worrying a lot?

Overwhelmed by other people’s agendas instead of being with yourself?

If you are ready:

– to have more energy and want to feel vibrant throughout your day,
– to stop worrying and thinking about others,
– to make yourself first instead of last on the list of priorities.
– to feel more balance and freedom in your life.

Then THIS Jam Session is for YOU!
Join Nathasja Gootjes, and Me, Susan de Vriend for this transformative experience combining card readings and intuitive energy healing!

Date: August 29, 2019

Location: Pandora’s Playspace in the heart of Utrecht.

Cost: €47,00 excluding VAT + Paypal fee.

To reserve your spot of the 8 available please RSVP by purchasing your ticket on the button below. 

This Energy healing jam session includes:

– Coming together into a circle and guided into meditation.
– Each person intuitively draws a card for themselves.
– Through our assistance we explore the meanings of your chosen card and find where it resonates for you and how you can create an intention from this card for your healing.
– Then we guide you with a spoken visualization, while each person will be intuitively and energetically healed while resting on their mats.
– Once the session is completed, we end with a sharing circle where we can share our experiences and create a meaning to anchor the experience into your life.

*These energy healings are powerful and can create a lot of transformation. We hold this space in trust, confidence and safety so that you can feel free to express your needs inside this room. *

Susan & Nathasja
The Heart Wise Society


**Learn more about what we do!**
Nathasja Gootjes Intuitive Coach & Energy Healer: Helderheid Coaching, www.helderheid-coaching.nl

Susan de Vriend Self-Love life coach & Heart Whispering Mystic at www.susandevriend.com


“Thank you to you lovely ladies for an amazing session. You both are beautifully gifted and I’m grateful to benefit from your healing powers. The next morning I woke up feeling like I had swallowed sunshine!! 💛 I can’t recommend your workshop enough.”


“The Energy workshop with Susan and Nathasja was truly transformational. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect but the whole experience was just lovely and empowering. The two facilitators were so in tune with each other and the energy within us. Hands down I would attend again and can’t wait for the next one!”