This week I am giving a talk for the WBII – Women’s Business Initiative International. I was a member of this group a few years ago and so thrilled to be coming back to visit again & be able to share with them these important self-love points.

Main points I will be covering in this talk are:  

  • WHY getting back into your heart is important in your business/career & life
  • When to know you are in your head over your heart.
  • The Language of the heart.
  • Susan will lead us in an exercise to explore what it means to be in your heart. (or two if times allows)

The benefits of following and leading from the heart are:

  • Clarity – always knowing what direction to take and what works best for you.
  • Ease & Flow – to your life and work.  No more hustle or extra effort.
  • Confidence – you can always count on yourself. No more second-guessing!
  • FUN – creating life and choosing a career on your own terms is wonderful and let’s face it, FUN!  


IF you are in the area, please come join us!


More Details can be found here.