Summer vacation is almost here.

If you are a Career or Business owning Mom does any of the following sound like you RIGHT NOW?

  • Are you scrambling to get those last-minute projects done for your work or business?
  • Are you running the kids to and fro school rushing to help them get what needs to be done for school or any of the activities they have planned?
  • Do you have a long list of tasks to-do so you can prepare for when we can go on vacation and relax, to enjoy the sun?
  • Have you scheduled any time for yourself?
  • Tapped into your heart to follow what you need?

If you answered NO to that last two then this is an opportunity for YOU!

I have availability for to coach 3 women. Could this be for you? A woman who wants some self-love boosts to prime HER just in time for vacation.

Because let’s face it once you GET to your destination you may not be able to unwind all.the.way! And if you had that problem before then this is really the time to get in front of it before another summer vacation is ruined with NOT ENOUGHness. That feeling comes from too much doing, running, and filling all the requirements. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to:

  • To be excited for your vacation NOT only because you get a break but because you are able to fully be present and relax?
  • Not to have to WAIT to be on vacation to find some peace and calm?
  • and not worry that not everything got done “perfectly”?

This is what these self-love BOOSTs can give you right now to prep YOU for your own vacation. How great would that be?

The design of this coaching offer will work like my Jump into your Heart sessions. They are affordable, administered in a short time frame (before your vacation AND after if you so choose). You get a free meditation of your choice to support you through your holiday. And most of all MY FULL SUPPORT! <3

But as usual, I feel we must get to know one another before we start. I have availability for consultation/intakes. This is simply a twenty minute sample to see if the coaching is right for you!


FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

What is the offer? I’m offering 3 women Self-Love Boost coaching before (and after) their vacation. This would be 3 or up to 6 coaching appointments.

How does this work? Schedule an appointment with me for a virtual call. We will have a twenty minute consultation/intake with some coaching included. If you love it we go forward if not then we don’t.

What happens in the intake? Each woman has different challenges. But as an example, it may go something like this:

As a busy Mompreneur or Career Mom, there are a number of things that just need to be done. I would want to find out,

Where you are leaking most of your energy?

What activities you are doing to help support your self-love (if any) now?

The goal of the intake would be how we can create a plan/practice on supporting you on the must-do lists while still honoring your time to rejuvenate your energy.

Is this a huge long coaching program? Nope. These sessions will still be 1 hour in length to give you the most value but they will be given in quick order not over months. They are affordable so not too much going out of the purse before the holiday. 

HOW MUCH? If you are anything like me, you need to know the bottom line and what it costs. I am basing this quick self-love boost program on the Jump into your Heart coaching sessions. In our intake call, we decide how many sessions you feel you need. Each session costs,44,00 (not including tax/BTW). 

My kids are already out of school (live in a different country), is this still available to me? Yes indeed this is still available to you. We can create your sessions around times the kids are sleeping or while they are away at day camp. This is a fully customizable offer (as all my offers are) designed to give you a boost now. 

Ready to see if this is for you?

Schedule your virtual coffee/tea with me below!