JUMP! for my love!

Jump!! For my love!  I’m a HUGE Pointer Sisters fan and thought it would be a fun way to “hint” at something I said in this video.  It started with this question:

If you have only 60 minutes and money is no object:  How would you spend your time? And WHAT would you do?

This is a great question to help access your true desires and hear what your heart longs for.  Your heart gives you hints on everything in life. Things like a new way of seeing a difficult situation, or sometimes it prompts you to go do that thing you want to do, or maybe it urges you to talk to that lady across the street so you can make a new friend.  But the heart whispers not yells.  So it takes practice in getting in touch with it. The results?  Well, the more you listen, and follow, the more you become someone who exclusively follows his/her heart.  And then you discover that life can be fun, full of adventure, and excitement! Desire more of those things? Then I would suggest using this question every hour and see where life takes you.

And hey if you do…tell me what happens.  I love to root for fellow heart followers!! <3

And if you are really curious watch the video and find out what my heart told me!  (GULP!).

HEART DISCLOSURE: No two hearts are the same.  
Results WILL definitely vary!!

Want more questions to help tap into your Heart?

If you are looking to hear your HEART more, the BEST way I know how to do that is to first get still and listen. The Full Heart Meditation program is NOW available to help you do just that!  CHOCK full of more inspiring questions just like the one above!

Cool, right?

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GETTING REAL: Confessions of a Self Love Coach

I have been off camera for awhile. In this video I talk about how all, and I mean ALL of my saboteurs have shown up and ran the show! These are the ones responsible:
– Little Miss Perfect (Perfectionism with a cute name)
– Imposter Syndrome – Who am I to tell YOU anything?
– Wanting to say something that has real IMPACT – ugh this one was the biggest of all! that word impact is HUGE and can really derail a solo-preneur.
-Comparison-itis – You know this, you compare your work against another’s and decide yours is not “worthy”. Which leads to:
– “I am not GOOD enough!” or as Wayne Campbell of SNL’s* Wayne’s World says, I’m Not Worthy!

Whoa! I am here to tell you that it can happen to any of us including, and most especially, those of us in the self development industry, specifically coaching. I tell you how I worked through it and why I decided to come back.

Oh and…one I didn’t mention but is very real, “What will everyone think of me?”


*SNL – Saturday Night Live is an American Comedy show recorded LIVE in New York City every Saturday.  Wayne’s World was a sketch on this show with Mike Meyers and Dana Carvey.


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Are you experiencing a lot of Saboteurs too?  The BEST way I know how to get out of your Saboteur’s voice and more into your heart is to first get still and listen.  I offer an online program named, Full Heart Meditation program.  In this program I walk you through each life area (i.e., career, love life, etc…) that you may be experiencing your saboteurs the most!  You don’t need to know “how” to meditate.  I guide you through a visualization to help connect you back to YOU and your heart.  Find out more by clicking on the button.

What in the HECK is a Self-Love coach?!

Some time ago, I was on a business conference call.  During this call, it occurred to me that it is not crystal clear how I work with my clients.   Inspired to educate the audience, I will deliver a series of videos and blog posts, where I tell you how this work, self-love coaching, can inspire change in my clients. Maybe you will be inspired too ;).



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