Disregard what they say, You know the Truth in a powerful way.

Disregard what they say, You know the Truth in a powerful way.

The truth sometimes it hides in the dark shadows. When we seek it we may find it.

When do we know, we’ve heard it?


We all have the ability to know when we hear the truth. It can be felt through the vibrations of the voice saying the words attached to it. The vibrations will make your heart fluttered or pulse. You feel an electric tinge and you hear suddenly with clear ears. Your heart always recognizes the Truth. You don’t need to check anywhere else but there.❤️ There is the essence to the Truth that has a regal quality to it. It rings a sound that can be heard by a sensitive ear. You know that it is the Truth. And that is of the highest value.

If you are a sensitive empathic soul you understand this on a deep level. That is because you feel & sense the Truth in a way that most don’t quite understand. You have the ability to really know when someone else is not telling the Truth. You don’t need to over analyse it. It is what you feel in your heart and in your body. Trusting this can be sometimes difficult especially if you have been trusting that person/people for some time. Also you have been trained out of trusting your intuition and heart messages because it is not “logical” to feel the truth or hear it when the words aren’t matching. This takes effort to get back to this part of you and extinguish what others have told you. Others who do not have the gifts you do.
To further complicate matters, being empathic and highly sensitive means taking action towards another is foreign to you. You don’t want to be the cause of harm or hurt even if you are the one suffering. This is that other special gift you possess. You can feel another’s feelings as if they are your own. You are not, however, responsible for them. You only need to respond with loving kindness and then, choose for you. I’m not underplaying this part. It is truly a hard thing for us to do. It takes practice, clear boundaries and loving yourself.
Consider for a moment though, the power in your way of seeing, feeling and hearing the Truth. 

Can you see how much that is needed in this day and age we live?



More and more people do not trust sources that once we’re the pillars of the Truth. I’d say we need more Truth tellers/feelers like YOU to help guide everyone out of the dark mire of these changing times. Times that call for heart, truth, and courageous people who can see, feel, and hear the truth at the drop of a word! You are needed. So very much.


Why is it important to affirm these words? What importance could they have in saying them?

When we remind ourselves that we are here, we are saying we have a right to be here and it is also a fact. You can feel yourself in this world. And how beautiful that is. YOU ARE HERE! And your moment is now, and now, and now. Simply by being here, you are worthy, good, and important.

YOU affirming these powerful words solidify your power, your voice, and with them you anoint yourself with your own blessings of truth & goodness. By you owning these words, you let no other rule you. You rule you & you alone. This is a gift we can give ourselves every moment of every day. We only need to evoke the words in moments where we forgot our greatness.

For today, come look at these words, feel them into your body and when the moment moves you, say “I AM HERE!” Now do it again but this time jump up, out of your chair, say it louder & louder so that YOU plant it into the depth of your core. And that you remember what & who you are; An all powerful divine beauty of the light. And when you are lit up you light others around you.❤️



What is your mission in life?


I remember when I was younger I always found the question, where do you want to be in the next 5 years?, frustrating and oh, a little irritating. It was usually only asked in job interviews. Which made it even worse because you had to temper it against the actual job you were going for and figure out how you might sound, say, if you really wanted that person’s, the one who is interviewing you, position. You don’t want to come off as TOO ambitious or full of yourself, right?😉

That’s not an easy situation or question neither is this what’s your mission question. It takes careful consideration & reflection. And often, it requires help and a sounding board to find it. Especially if for awhile now you have been doing things, such as staying with that job in that company that you don’t love, that aren’t necessarily in alignment with your values or your mission.

But if you don’t know what your mission is how then do you find it?

You start by listening to your heart.💓

What makes you fill up with joy? When you are doing that thing, does the time disappear?

These questions are a start and how you answer them are clues. Once you know your mission, life gets easier, decisions become clearer and things get more FUN!


What is mission if you don't know what your heart desires?

Ready to dive deeply into what your mission is?

Many of us have lost our way not sure what our missions or life purposes truly are. Taking time to review what matters most means listening to your heart and taking action. In a Whispering Alignment I offer you the chance to really focus in on your life purpose AND begin taking real action towards it. 


The truth about dust bunnies & self-worth.

The truth about dust bunnies & self-worth.

While pushing the vacuum cleaner, lying on my belly, fighting an army of dust bunnies a thought occurred to me, “I would really love to have someone else do this for me.” Perhaps it was that particular fight or because it was the day before my birthday, but it is when this thought arose that led to me wondering, “Why haven’t I given this to myself?”

In this podcast I talk about self-worth in a way that I think we all go through. It isn’t a set or fixed thing. It is changeable according to circumstances, situations, and needful things. I think we don’t talk about self-worth in this way. Mostly because how many people do you know are willing to fess up and say, “My self-worth is really at an all time low.” Most of us want to self-preserve & protect our pride. And we protect our pride then we sacrifice a real conversation about how we value ourselves. What happens when you qualify things you want by asking “Do I need this?” Does this ultimately cut into your sense of self-worth over time?

This is an eye-opener in the practice of self-love.  It takes some humility, vulnerability, and awareness to see where you may be falling short. But once it is seen you can change it.


Is it time to take stock of your self-worth? Could it be getting in the way of what you truly want in your life?

Are you ready to change that?

If you are answering YES to these questions, then I would like to invite you to have a chat with me about it. It is my specialty to see you as you truly are & approach your concerns with an open and loving heart. I coach women to listen, trust and follow their hearts. If you are ready for a talk about what you want to bring into your life then please schedule 45 minutes with me.

Heart is where home is: Allison Hamilton-Rohe Episode #9

Heart is where home is: Allison Hamilton-Rohe Episode #9

Allison and I met here in the Netherlands in 2014-ish.  Instant friendship from the first minute! You know how when you have a friend you really admire…that is Allison for me. She runs her business from her heart and soul. AND she brought that to this episode of Guided too! 

In our 40-minute plus interview she shares her journey,

  • Of becoming a parent to an Autistic child
  • Losing her mother suddenly
  • Living in a foreign country during all these transitions.
  • Of rebooting her business several times throughout this journey and how she felt about that.
  • Of hearing the heart calling her home in time to be with her father before his passing.

Allison is a natural planner and in this interview she makes a few admissions about how she was required to listen to her heart and not always fall back on a plan. That it isn’t something you can plan for that trusting it is often the hardest part. And she says,

“It gave me strength and courage to listen to that voice and double down on it.”

This interview has something for everyone. Grab your headphones, a good cup of whatever you love, and listen how Allison found that Heart is where her home is.

Episode #6: Liz Pimenta – Flying in the face of fear for LOVE

Episode #6: Liz Pimenta – Flying in the face of fear for LOVE

Years ago Liz was struggling with burn out and health issues. She needed a vacation from her life. She looked up an old friend who moved abroad and invited her to visit. Taking a leap of a faith AND facing an old fear, Liz went for it and journeyed across the ocean to find happiness and love all in one place. Come listen to how Liz not once, but twice was Guided to follow her heart.