What are you worth to YOU?

What does worthiness mean to you?
How do you value yourself?
Is it a matter of what you earn?
How you spend your time?
With who you spend your time?

This is the inner work that all of us women must be vigilant in doing. After years of learning to play small, be a nice girl, don’t take more than anyone else, we must be constant gardeners of what our thoughts are on this topic of: self-worth.  And it can only be defined by you, inside.

I consider myself someone who has dug deep in the well to find herself. I am emerging into, before your very eyes, my truest expression of myself to date! There is still some work, growth, and evolving to explore here. And that I find exciting, thrilling and even, adventurous. Does that surprise you? Well, I could say to myself, when will I be done? But I am a BEING not a done-ing. HA ha ha!

Once we are done, do we hear a bell? No we move onto the other side. Is that too morbid? If you don’t think you have anything else to learn or discover then what else is there to do? Wait…and (you know what). Hey this is life in the physical realm we do have a time limit. That doesn’t mean who we are, is limited though. Keep that in mind.

If worthiness is in question, how do we know where are value lies? Well, we only know based on our thoughts and feelings towards ourselves. Hence it’s an “inside job”.  The best way to explore it is to find out how we speak to ourselves. And that, I know a little bit about and spoken on this topic in the past, under my former title of Self-love life coach. Negative self talk is a funny trickster. It can seem like the truth but it can also be a diminisher of your true self-worth. There is much to discover in this space. I find that women often don’t get a full chance to show their worth unless we TAKE IT. That step sometimes is the hardest one of all. It takes courage to be visible, say what is unfair or unjust, and TAKE POWER.

“Take” and “Power” are triggering to me. Why? Maybe because it feels so masculine feeling. I disassociate immediately because that is not the gender I identify as. At the same time, I want to be respected and powerful in my own way that doesn’t hinder another. How then do we get there as women? I’ve seen us all try in a number of ways. To exert ourselves forward in modeled efforts that fit more like a man. We need to find an established route. Then it begs this question: With so many of us uncertain of our worthiness, how can we find the will to take back our sense of self-worth and become powerful leaders as women?

I can see many ideas bubble to the surface as I reflect on this mantra: My Worthiness is not found anywhere else but WITHIN ME.

I wonder,

What arises in you when you think of how you value yourself?
Where are you on the scale of worthiness (self)? And when you explore this further do you find new answers of what you think you are worth?
And if you believe you are the best, are you ready to claim it?

This topic is a big juicy one.

Share with me in the comments.



What makes intuitive card reading so important?

What is so important about reading cards?

Reading cards is a simple tool that is easy to use. They also offer some great benefits for building and strengthening your spiritual gifts.

In this video, I tell you how I’ve used them over the years personally to help with:

  • Guidance for the day
  • Support for a specific issue
  • Strengthening my intuition by using the cards

During the video I select a card and even I am surprised what I choose (take a look at my face in this photo here).

“What? Did I really just pull that card?” Proving my point that the cards always help us with what we already “know”(intuitively).

The message on the card actually enforces the video’s message about how intuition works through us when we trust it.

If you have been hiding your gifts, this is probably why.

If you ever felt not seen, not supported and a little crazy for having extraordinary abilities for example, clairaudience, then this video will be 100% for you!
In this video I talk about my struggles with having gifts that weren’t acceptable in modern day living, how I suppressed them for a long time, and what impact that has had on my life. As a highly sensitive, empathic, clairaudient, clairsentient & claircognizant woman I found my way through it by suppressing to fit in. It has been a long journey back to loving who I am and allowing this part of me to flow through me and be visible to all. It is being validated by others that supported me in seeing who I truly am.
Why is it so important to be validated?
For those of us in the sensitive woman realm it means not feeling weird or “other.”  And ultimately gives us a feeling seen, understood and supported.
How do I help others embrace their own gifts?
Since I know how hard this can be because we have all had different struggles with it in our lives. I created a service called Heart Whisperings. These online sessions are remarkable because what I have seen is how they make a sensitive spiritually-gifted woman feel about herself in her own unique power. There is a support where before there was none. When someone sees you, it is powerful because it is empowering but also giving you a sense of self-worth & value.



Heart Whisperings



Have you been wondering how to read cards? Or maybe you have been reading cards for awhile now but want a different approach?

Good News! I am holding a FREE webinar on November 25, 2019 @ 8PM (CET). You will learn:

  • how to select your own card deck

  • how to care for your cards

  • how to infuse your energy with the cards and why that is important

  • what cards work better for intuitive readings and,

  • how to read cards for yourself & others

This is for you if you are a spiritually-minded, spiritually-gifted and minded woman who wants to tap into her intuition by using this powerful tool!

How to supercharge your manifestations? Focus on Gratitude.

When we feel gratitude, even just a bit, our hearts begin to open and real magic can occur.

Look around you now and fill in the following statement,

I am grateful for _________.

If you can find 5 or more things, and keep going, you will notice that your perception of your life in this very moment shifts. Now suddenly possibility is available where there wasn’t before. You feel more vibrant and alive in your body as if more is on it’s way. And guess what…it is!

What is actually going on here? Well, you shifted from your head to your heart. From logical thinking to feeling in your body. It seems like a funny little game but when practiced often enough you will see a level of grace and calm fall over your life that hadn’t been there before. What you have done is activated your heart’s energetic field and this allows you to feel more abundant, joy, and peace. But most especially you will feel optimistic and that everything is possible. You are shifting the conversation between head and heart. You are reversing from reacting to what is to acting towards what might be. It feels magical and inspiring. That has a vibration that reverberates out to the Universe that sends this message, “match this vibe (or better).” And because that is the language the Universe speaks, in vibrations, you get more and more. In ways you couldn’t have imagined possible. In ways that you could not have envisioned. And this will feel effortless. As it should feel. Because we are magical beings with the Universe supporting us every step of the way.

My CHALLENGE for YOU today:

Find time to look at what you are grateful for, say it outloud or write it down. And I promise you, you will start to see more things for you to put on that list. 😉

Disregard what they say, You know the Truth in a powerful way.

The truth sometimes it hides in the dark shadows. When we seek it we may find it.

When do we know, we’ve heard it?


We all have the ability to know when we hear the truth. It can be felt through the vibrations of the voice saying the words attached to it. The vibrations will make your heart fluttered or pulse. You feel an electric tinge and you hear suddenly with clear ears. Your heart always recognizes the Truth. You don’t need to check anywhere else but there.❤️ There is the essence to the Truth that has a regal quality to it. It rings a sound that can be heard by a sensitive ear. You know that it is the Truth. And that is of the highest value.

If you are a sensitive empathic soul you understand this on a deep level. That is because you feel & sense the Truth in a way that most don’t quite understand. You have the ability to really know when someone else is not telling the Truth. You don’t need to over analyse it. It is what you feel in your heart and in your body. Trusting this can be sometimes difficult especially if you have been trusting that person/people for some time. Also you have been trained out of trusting your intuition and heart messages because it is not “logical” to feel the truth or hear it when the words aren’t matching. This takes effort to get back to this part of you and extinguish what others have told you. Others who do not have the gifts you do.
To further complicate matters, being empathic and highly sensitive means taking action towards another is foreign to you. You don’t want to be the cause of harm or hurt even if you are the one suffering. This is that other special gift you possess. You can feel another’s feelings as if they are your own. You are not, however, responsible for them. You only need to respond with loving kindness and then, choose for you. I’m not underplaying this part. It is truly a hard thing for us to do. It takes practice, clear boundaries and loving yourself.
Consider for a moment though, the power in your way of seeing, feeling and hearing the Truth. 

Can you see how much that is needed in this day and age we live?



More and more people do not trust sources that once we’re the pillars of the Truth. I’d say we need more Truth tellers/feelers like YOU to help guide everyone out of the dark mire of these changing times. Times that call for heart, truth, and courageous people who can see, feel, and hear the truth at the drop of a word! You are needed. So very much.


Why is it important to affirm these words? What importance could they have in saying them?

When we remind ourselves that we are here, we are saying we have a right to be here and it is also a fact. You can feel yourself in this world. And how beautiful that is. YOU ARE HERE! And your moment is now, and now, and now. Simply by being here, you are worthy, good, and important.

YOU affirming these powerful words solidify your power, your voice, and with them you anoint yourself with your own blessings of truth & goodness. By you owning these words, you let no other rule you. You rule you & you alone. This is a gift we can give ourselves every moment of every day. We only need to evoke the words in moments where we forgot our greatness.

For today, come look at these words, feel them into your body and when the moment moves you, say “I AM HERE!” Now do it again but this time jump up, out of your chair, say it louder & louder so that YOU plant it into the depth of your core. And that you remember what & who you are; An all powerful divine beauty of the light. And when you are lit up you light others around you.❤️